Lawyer who defended suspected al Qaeda militants in Turkey killed in Aleppo


Osman Karahan.

Osman Karahan, publicly known as the lawyer defending al Qaeda members in Turkey, has been killed in Aleppo, Syria. Turkish jihadist websites announced his “martyrdom” today, saying it had taken place three days earlier, on Aug. 3. Karahan’s death was confirmed by a Turkish fighter who had gone to Syria “for the resistance,” Ahmet Guzman.

Karahan had defended numerous al Qaeda suspects in Turkey, most notably Loua’i Sakka, a Turkish-speaking Syrian thought to be the planner of the November 2003 truck bombings in Istanbul. Those bombings killed some 60 people in Istanbul during twin simultaneous attacks on two synagogues, an HSBC branch, and the British Consulate.

Karahan was also the Founder and President of the “Association for the Protection of Human Law (İnsan Hukukunu Koruma Derneği – İHADER),” which he claimed to have founded based on an Islamic understanding of human rights, as opposed to the concept of human rights that he said “the West dictates.”

According to the Washington Post, Karahan handled almost 80 percent of the criminal cases brought against Islamic militants in Turkey, a practice that increased sharply after the 9/11 attacks, when Turkey began detaining large numbers of suspects at its borders. He is thought to have subscribed to the same militant vision of Islam as many of his clients. In 2006 he was arrested on charges of assisting and funding al Qaeda but was later acquitted due to insufficient evidence. “The police fabricated accusations against me because I’m defending Muslims. The case is proof that the police want to deter me from practicing my profession,” Karahan said after his acquittal.

He was also known for his allegations that the CIA has kidnapped over 400 Arabs from Turkey since 1999 for being “Islamic resistance fighters,” some of whom he claimed have ended up in Guantanamo.

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  • Hakan says:

    As a Turkish citizen I did not know this news. We have no clue about what is going on in Syria.

  • Mark in Texas says:

    Do we know how he was killed? Was he assassinated? Executed? Or KIA?

  • hasan says:

    Yea you can not understan the book of honor and freedom. This is the language of muslims, thei resistance and honor. So whatever you say we will continue to defend our homelands.

  • Phenomena says:

    You people cant you nsee that your thesis that the global jihgad is loosing its power is now demolished from Mali to Afgnhanistan and from Somalia to Syria? As you see the islamic movement is increasing its power and experience and more and more qualified people are attending to the jihadi cause which means you are not fighting against a group but a civilisation and an ummah. So I think it is time for the west to understand unless they left our countries and we build our ummah with our values this war will not end and they will not feel security. Dont you see the airports, the security precuations which make the life like hell in the west? Dont you see your demolished economy? The physological trauma that your people and soldiers facing?

  • Villiger says:

    Now he can rest his case…

  • Maverick says:

    It only goes to show you are dreaming and out of touch with reality. Life is very good in the west and happy. What you don’t realize is your brothers are dieing for nothing and other brother are sleeping with your dead brother women and miss treating your children while you are dieing. I don’t think you know your brothers are dieing by vast numbers. Soon there will not be enough brothers for the women to have children and you will begin to die off and become a small minority. You can’t live by the propaganda, only by the facts and the facts are not on your favor. So so so sorry


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