Taliban suicide bombers target a fuel depot in Kandahar

The Taliban launched a suicide attack against a fuel depot outside of Kandahar International Airport, which is run by a civilian contracting group. From The Associated Press:

Militants attacked a fuel tanker depot Monday outside the main international military base in southern Afghanistan, killing four people, officials said.

The assailants set off explosives that were packed in a minibus at the entrance of a compound operated by international contractor Supreme Group, according from a statement from the Kandahar governor’s office. The compound is outside of Kandahar Air Field – the base of NATO and U.S. operations in the south.

Four private guards were killed in the fighting, said Salim Ahsas, the southern region police chief.

Attacks like this are usually carried out by Mullah Zakir‘s group, which is known as the Mullah Dadullah Front. This group is believed to be behind the recent wave of suicide attacks and assassinations in Kandahar.

Also, in Ghazni province, Taliban fighters attacked the Qarabagh district center, but failed to enter the government compound. From AFP:

The attack in the Qarabagh district of Ghazni province lasted about an hour and started when the Taliban launched two rockets at the district’s administrative headquarters before opening fire on a police checkpoint nearby.

Police shot back, triggering a gun fight, but insurgents did not get inside the compound, Ghazni police chief Dilawar Zahid said. “Four militants and a policeman have been killed in the clash,” Zahid said.

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  • Anon says:

    My name is Anon and I am a senior Supreme Group manager. We were not surprised by this attack and we expect there will be plenty more while our current security provider is employed. Compass Security are an Australian owned company and they adopt very poor standards in the provision of security. Attacks, infiltration and death are a common occurance here in Afghanistan but as always Compass do not ever adapt to the situation. Poor recruitment and training of guards are the main cause but as with most private security companies, they charge big prices but supply the bare minimum. How many more times will people lose their life before any of the NATO and ISAF bosses take note. LTC Eduardo Santiago is head of NATO Fuels and based in Brunsum, Belgium and is reminded constantly but nothing ever happens to Compass or Supreme. I have an external security survey that was completed recently on Compass if anyone is interested? Compass attended a Senate enquiry with Supreme Group last year but told lie after lie and somehow managed to get away with. Both Supreme Group and Compass provide a very poor service to our hard working and galant troops over here and someone needs to sort them out. Condolances to the families that needlessly lost their loved ones.

  • Davis Grame says:

    Yes Anon, use this website to vent your anger if you like. But you know the truth and you are just very bitter and twisted because you lost your job at Supreme for being incompetent.
    Please do not comment on anything else out of a personal grudge.
    You were turned down by Compass for not being professional enough, get over it please as there are lots of security jobs available for your standard, supermarkets for instance.

  • Anon says:

    Mr Roggio, are you interested in seeing the full external security report on Compass/ Supreme’s camps? These attacks happen all the time but nothing is done about it. The company i work for (Supreme) and Compass makes millions and millions of dollars profit every month of tax payers money and its not right. Let me know.

  • Villiger says:

    There is no smoke without fire. And making snide remarks will not help your case here.

  • Khalid Haroon says:

    I am from a PSC currently working in Southern Afghanistan. I have been here for several years and have worked for a few security companies, mainly doing convoy escorts around Helmand Province. Compass has a very poor reputation due to having many less guards than they state and many of their guards use drugs and do not abide by the rules of engagement that we all know we have to.
    Compass have always used a number of unregistered weapons, purchased locally off the streets and continue to use illegal RPG’s. They use Police as guard commanders which is also wrong. It is companies like Compass that are doing a disservice to all the professional security companies here! They pay large bribes to the AFG Gov’t to keep rolling but they are starting to lose contracts now which makes sense.
    Supreme and compass security have been acting in this way for years now and still they kept winning more contracts. They are both starting to lose contracts now and they are bleeding badly. they only have themselves to blame and it is payment for losing innicent and unnecessary lives.

  • anon says:

    So i guess thank you Davis for you idiotic/ patriotic comments but clearly you were wrong.

  • Dave says:

    Hi Anon..
    Re. I have an external security survey that was completed recently on Compass if anyone is interested?
    Yes please send this report, to sneekyhunter (at) hotmail.com as I too have information we can share re compass bad rep.
    Read more: //www.longwarjournal.org/threat-matrix/archives/2011/08/taliban_suicide_bombers_target.php#ixzz1Vbawt21j


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