Does AQAP ♥ Cobra?


Separated at birth? Left: a jihadist-cartoonist’s depiction of AQAP. Right: the June 2011 cover from Cobra Civil War.

Earlier today, the SITE Intelligence Group released a report noting that a jihadist announced he will create a comic that will “teach youths about the ‘noble life’ within a Shariah-based system.” The comic will also “contain depictions of AQAP operations and will incite youths to follow the steps of the fighters” (see LWJ Photos, Cartoon jihadist announces AQAP comic). The jihadist is seeking advice and approval from the Al Malahem Foundation, AQAP’s propaganda outlet; there is currently no word if Al Malahem has provided any feedback.

Here is my $0.02. I get a distinctly Cobra (from GI Joe) feel from this comic. In fact, I suspect the jihadist-cartoonist liked the June 2011 Cobra Civil War cover so much that he took some artistic license and incorporated it into his own work. The only thing missing is the AQAP fighters riding alligators. Perhaps in the next edition?

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.

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  • Jfgh says:

    Riding ‘gators or not, down here in Louisiana we have a solution: “Choot him! Choot him!”. I like the USMC’s version of ‘ courageous restraint’ when dealing with AQ types- one shot=one kill.

  • GB says:

    More like a mix between Foot Soldiers (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Killzone Helghasts/Cobra. At least they are creative, I guess.

  • Luca says:

    Speaking of comics, Has anyine noticed that Gen. Rahim Wardak, Afghan defence minister, a guy who probably has never wore the uniform in his entire life (he was a guerrilla commander), has recently begun wearing a BDU adorned with ridiculous soviet-style medals and strips and “ranger” and “commando” badges?
    Is it a rehearsal for the looming civil war? Why else would an official as senior as he is bin the suit and don the khakis? Does he have to show something enemies and “allies” alike?

  • Charles says:

    Gen. Rahim Wardak’s new dress style may have something to do with the killing of a couple people close to the hamid karzai–including his brother.

  • Concerned Observer says:

    Aha! So the delay in announcing a new leader simply means that it takes time to raid the tombs of the great dictators for DNA samples.
    Can a Weather Dominator be far behind?


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