2 American Muslims arrested for conspiring to kill US troops

The Department of Justice arrested and charged two American Muslims who conspired to kill US soldiers at a processing center for military recruits in Seattle. The men were identified as Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif and Walli Mujahidh. A third man, who acted as a paid informant for the FBI, was not identified. They planned on carrying out an armed attack on soldiers at a military center, just as Major Nidal Hassan did at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009. So far, no links to external terror groups have been ascertained. From Reuters:

Abdul-Latif mentioned the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, where an Army major is accused of killing 13 people, noting that “if one person could kill so many people, three attackers could kill many more,” the informant told authorities, according to the criminal complaint…

The two men originally planned to attack the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state but then switched targets to the place where military enlistees are screened and processed, according to prosecutors.

Abdul-Latif developed an extensive plan of attack on the military centre, three miles south of downtown Seattle, and noted he wanted to attack people in the military, not civilians, the complaint said. He expressed little concern about dying in the planned assault, it added.

“Abdul-Latif explained that, in his view, murdering American soldiers was justifiable,” the affidavit said. The two were provided weapons that were brought by the informant but had been rendered inoperable by law enforcement authorities.

Abdul-Latif provided the informant with $800 in cash to help buy the weapons and arranged to buy a bus ticket for Mujahidh to travel from Los Angeles to Seattle to participate in the attack, prosecutors said.

After being arrested, Mujahidh waived his legal rights and told FBI agents that the plot was to prevent US military personnel from going to Islamic lands and killing Muslims, the affidavit said.

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  • Charu says:

    Sigh! First there was Eurabia, then Londonistan, and now Amrikabad.

  • Neo says:

    On the contrary, I am a somewhat surprised at how little of Muslim violence there has been over the last decade in the United States. It isn

  • Nomi says:

    This explains that US Military is infiltrated by terrorists and The US Nuclear weapons are in danger of falling into the hands of terrorists…..

  • Dhirraj says:

    not only did the base house military recruits, it also had a daycare center, meaning innocent defenseless children lives would have been at stake had this attack happen, and by the way if anyone interested here is Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif youtube account, if you would like to get into the mind of a fresh islamic terrorist

  • Brother walt gee says:

    Just two citizens? Actually, I seriously question the supposedly low statistics regarding Jihad in America. A la, the fictional CPI and the fictional unemployment figures that use the artificial birth/death model adjusted rate of unemployment in this country. In reality our true cost of living has risen to double digits and unemployment is hovering around 25%.
    In my view we have foolishly picked fights that were none of our business in the first place. That not withstanding we have permitted Foggy Bottom to run us into bankrutcy. On top of that fiasco, we have over 700,000 military stationed in nearly 600 foreign bases abroad.
    Over the last forty years or so, there has been a steady upward hockey stick curve of Jihadists. Few Americans have any real life experience with Muslims. Having attended school with a Yemenite Muslim, I have a fairly decent understanding of the underlying principles of what is happening today. As my friend said to me more than once, “If you kill me, my relatives will not rest until they kill you, everyone in your family and those around you..” He gave me his personal Arabic Qu’ran which I greatly treasured and tragically lost. I spent a great deal of time with him after class, even going to his favorite restaurant in Brooklyn and his home.
    The main thrust of my point is simply this: These folks are rather tightly knit. If you kill fifteen you will have 75 normally peaceful Muslims out to kill you. I don’t recall the Sura right off, but Mohammad’s teachings were such that “You kill my son, I kill everyone in your village.”
    This sort of diffusion is creating thousands of micro-jihads that have or will happen right here at home. Each time we kill one of them, they will plot killing hundreds of us by any means at their disposal. In conclusion, the simple fact is, that every Qu’ranic Muslim must live under Sharia Law, whether overt or covert. My most ardent prayer is that our clueless leaders realize that we have sown the wind around the world and we will now continue reaping the whirlwind here at home.


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