Taliban claim suicide attack at police headquarters in Peshawar

The Pakistani Taliban claimed the suicide truck bombing in Peshawar that took place at dawn outside a police headquarters that housed a Criminal Investigation Department unit. The attack took place in a high-security area of Peshawar, and was close to the US Consulate. Two Pakistanis were killed and 25 more were wounded. From AFP/Dawn:

The razed building housed the police Criminal Investigation Department and was located in the Peshawar Cantonment area just 150 metres from the US consulate. The area houses military families and security is normally tight.

Police said the attack was carried out with a small truck containing at least 200-250 kilograms of explosives, and that body parts were hurled more than 300 metres away from the blast.

“We will further step up these attacks to avenge Osama bin Laden’s martyrdom,” Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan told AFP by telephone from an undisclosed location.

He added: “These attacks will continue until the US drone strikes and ongoing Pakistani military operations are stopped in the tribal regions.”

The Pakistani Taliban are demonstrating that they can penetrate high-security areas in Pakistan’s major cities and execute attacks. Today’s attack in Peshawar took place just three days after a suicide assault team stormed a naval base in Karachi and killed 10 servicemen and destroyed two P-3C Orion aircraft. And on May 20, the Taliban detonated a car bomb that targeted US consular officials in the same secured zone in Peshawar; no one was killed in the attack.

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  • Gull khan says:

    Really i am surprised to see such a attacks on the innocent people from Taliban that means islamic students who knows lot about islam and Allah.
    where in Islam mentioned that kill the innocent people as a revenge from USA.
    If really u are really brave fight with them in USA or Afganistan. You are really stupid people that you could not fight with them and making ur own counties week and snatching father from children, son from parents, what is this.
    Please get eduction and make your self powerful with knowledge and then you can fight.
    This not Jihad, this is totally haram and inshallah all of u are coal/endhan of Hell. All of u will go the DOZAKH.
    So this life is also jahanam and after the death life is also jahanam.
    Sham on Taliban

  • BullsEye says:

    These Taliban attacks are raising a very important question for Pakistan:
    If the insurgency and Taliban in Afghanistan are eventually pacified and disabled beyond ever being a major threat (as happened to Al-Qaeda in Iraq/ISI), then where will the Pakistani Taliban go?
    Chickens are gonna come home to roost, Kayani, Gul, et al….

  • Eric says:

    The Taliban say they are fighting for Islam and against the West but what they really want is to cause death, destruction, misery, and hopelessness for Pakistan. The Pakistani people need to make a choice – do they want to support those who want to bring Pakistan back to the 6th century or join the rest of humanity in the 21st.

  • blert says:

    Penetration of such ‘secure’ facilities with such grace indicates that someone of trust is providing critical information to the opfor.
    Think Section S of the ISI.
    BTW, it would appear that the target was Section T of the ISI.
    Talk about a civil war.

  • Villiger says:

    Gull Khan Sahib shabash, bravo, well said!
    Going deeper, isn’t it the Pak Army/ISI (de facto Foreign Ministry) that started the whole war by imposing the Taliban upon Afghanistan. So now, whats good for the goose is good for the gander. So the Taliban want also to impose their violent form of Islamic rule on Pakistan. Why just Afghanistan?
    I don’t know about good Taliban and bad Taliban. I don’t even know about good borders and bad borders (Durand). But i do know one thing: the Taliban are bloody good students.
    Courage to you to raise your voice equally and direct it to the Pak Army. Its now or never.

  • villiger says:

    Eric, Pakistan is choosing the ‘middle way’. 6+21=27 divide by 2=13.5
    IE Answer= 14th Century (Minus the Renaissance.)
    I have seen Pakistan’s future: More death and more destruction. Don’t believe me? Watch this space.
    2009 Obama announces AfPak strategy which ignored Pakistan
    2010 Year spent on realizing, oops, we forgot Pakistan
    2011 Year spent realizing battle has moved centre-stage to Pakistan
    2012 Year spent realizing battle has moved centre-stage to Pakistan
    2013 Battle moves centre-stage to Pakistan
    2014-? Its a LONG WAR, Geronimo!


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