Terrorist bombings in Stockholm kill 1, injure 2

A car loaded with gas canisters detonated in a busy section of downtown Stockholm today, followed by another explosion 10 minutes later caused by a suicide bomber.

After the explosions, the bomber was found dead lying about 300 yards away from the car bomb, reportedly wearing a suicide vest and a backpack full of nails and surrounded by the remains of pipe bombs. The bombs apparently were inexpertly crafted and failed to detonate to full capacity. Two people were wounded in the bombings, which took place in a street filled with Christmas shoppers.

Only minutes before the attacks, the Swedish Security Police (SAPO) had received an email warning, with sound files in both Swedish and Arabic, referring to the presence of Swedish forces in Afghanistan and to the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed by Swedish artist Lars Viks, Reuters reported.

“Our actions will speak for themselves, as long as you do not end your war against Islam and humiliation of the Prophet and your stupid support for the pig Viks,” the speaker threatened on the tape, as reported by Swedish news agency TT.

The message threatened the Swedish state and its people, according to the BBC, saying the time had come for them to die “like our brothers and sisters.” It also exhorted militant Muslims in Sweden and Europe to rise up against the West.

Just two weeks ago, Abu Zaid, a member of the Somali-based, al Qaeda-linked Shabaab, issued a videotape threatening Viks.

“We will get hold of you and with Allah’s permission we will catch you wherever you are and in whatever hole you are hiding in,’ Zaid said. “Know what awaits you, as it will be nothing but this: slaughter! For that is what you deserve…. To my brothers and sisters, I call you to make (migration), and if you can kill this dog called Lars, then you will receive a great reward from Allah.”

Within recent months, the terror alert in Sweden has been raised to his highest level in five years, amid concerns about possible Mumbai-styled terror plots targeting European cities. In early October, the Swedish Security service said that “a handful” of Swedish citizens had traveled to Pakistan for training at terror camps. Later that month, it was reported that two of three men arrested in connection to a bomb threat in central Gothenburg remained in custody, while police were working closely with SAPO to forestall any possible plots.

Today’s bombing bears some similarity to the failed Times Square bombing in New York City on May 1, 2010, in which a relatively small operation attempted a significant attack in a major metropolitan area. As in that case, apparently poor bomb-making skills prevented today’s attack from causing extensive harm.

Note: This report will be updated as more information becomes available.


  • Villiger says:

    So now what’s safer–Stockholm streets or a warmed up bed?

  • James Pawlak says:


  • Jimmy says:

    So now even the ‘most peaceful’ scandinavian countries are not spared by Pakistan based terror!
    Come on people! How much longer will the whole world endure this hell – Pakistan? Lets all get together and choke it to death. Every country knows who is the culprit, yet we continue giving billions of dollars of cash and weapons…WHY? To stop it from sliding into chaos….surprise, surprise! IT ALREADY HAS! We need to act, NOW!

  • cara says:

    STOP EMIGRATION FROM MUSLIM COUNTRYS,China,Vietnam,saved you natives.

  • Bob Devine says:

    Years ago I read a poem that had the line… ” 10 thousand Swedes ran through the weeds chased by one Norwegian.” I guess we are going to have to change that to chased by Islam.

  • David says:

    Also, as in that case, the bomb made use of gas canisters in a car. It strikes me that this bomber learned from the same jerk that taught the Times Square bomber, there is a lot more than a passing similarity, since the methods are similar, the target is similar, the outcome (apparently a fizzle) is similar.
    I’ll bet you the guy traveled to the same trainer.

  • Charu says:

    Thus far it has been a Darwinian attrition of these incompetent jihad wannabees. However, this was also a serious failure in Swedish domestic intelligence gathering.

  • QuickLetsGoNuts says:

    Meh. Who could care less.
    If there was ever a story which better illustrated the role of terrorists vs the media in who best serves the goal of terrorism, it’s this.
    #1 topic on memeorandum these 2 injuries in a foreign country.

  • Robbie says:

    I find it troubling that Islamic extremists devote their lives to jihad and destroying other people and other cultures instead of focusing on how they might improve their own economies, their quality of life and their own governments. Memorizing the Koran and then blowing yourself up in a crowded market trying to take others with you is a destructive waste. Perhaps providing useful educations and job skills would eventually result in a better overall society.
    I believe that trying to make each person more productive and each village more productive could have a positive multiplier effect. The jihadis bring only a cycle of hate, persecution, war, atrocities, destruction and despair.
    However, its difficult to negotiate a reasonable settlement with someone who is unreasonable. Having a negotiated settlement with someone who won’t honor a contract is pointless. I don’t see an end to Islamic terror anytime soon. The West needs to remain vigilant and patient, this is not going away even if we talk nice, make concessions and bend over backwards diplomatically. When you fight a war, you have to starve the enemy of supplies and destroy them on the battlefield. You have to be willing to accept casualties (troops and collateral). War is hell and its expense. However, if you are in a war, you must fight to win. Do not tie your hands behind your back and fight at half efficiency. Be ferocious and go for the knockout punch.

  • ArneFufkin says:

    @Jimmy: Where in the report did you see this was a Pakistan based plot?
    It appears the threats that preceded the affair were made by Shabaab.
    There is reason for worry in my location because silly do-gooders from the ELCA have sponsored almost 70,000 Somalis to resettle to the Twin Cities metro area this past 10-15 years.

  • Villiger says:

    Good article here by a Pakistan-expert, Shaun Gregory on implications of STOPPING ALL MILITARY AID TO PAKISTAN.
    And another where he is quoted. The subject: everything you wanted to know about Pak’s nukes but were afraid to ask.
    Given the present circumstances, its extraordinary that Pak’s nukes are not even a matter for discussion at the UN! Or is the UN a waste of time?
    But instead read this:
    Sweden intends $300 mn investment in Pakistan
    I mean that was a few days ago. Can’t these guys see beyond the end of their nose. Astonishing! The world has gone loopy…its why we are where we are.
    Year 10 and no progress.
    If this is another Made-in-Pakistan attack, the US and Nato countries should do what Pak did after that helo incursion (suspending the trucks supply line). In this case it should be every commercial airplane or ship in or to Pakistan suspended for at least a month. See what happens… But of course it won’t for the world is sleeping. Just as has been Sweden where 5% of their 9 million population are Muslims. What were they thinking?

  • Villiger says:

    Hey don’t bother just go back to sleep.

  • Jimmy says:

    This is exactly what I meant when we in the West have time and again ignored warning by the Indian Intelligence community about the devil that is Pakistan.
    Here is a piece by a retired Indian intelligence officer. Indians have an excellent understanding of the destructive and evil mindset of the Pakistan Jihadi-Armi-ISI complex and we in the West always ignore it…at our own peril!!
    By the way, thanks Villiger for backing me up…

  • QuickLetsGoNuts says:

    @ Villiger
    Okay. Wake me when the threshold for pulling off a successful terrorist plot has been raised to the point where somehow failing to blow up cars on 2 continents, mailing a printer cartridge or detonating your own anus don’t qualify.
    At this point, with this culture of ridiculous fear, how could there even be an unsuccessful terrorist plot?
    A jihadist tries to stab a politician with a pencil but fatally stabs himself in the eye = guaranteed worldwide headlines and people talking about the threat of terrorism. True or false?
    I mean, you realise that the killing of particular people is completely irrelevant yeah? That your reaction is the only point of these pitiful attempts. Seriously. Meh.

  • ArneFufkin says:

    @Jimmy/Villiger: The suspect is a native Iraqi who has lived in Sweden since 1982.
    Once again, please elaborate on the Pakistan connection here.

  • Villiger says:

    1. Its 1992 not 1982
    2. Imagine you have read about his Luton connection. Mentioned by Lisa and also all over the press.
    If Luton doesn’t ring any bells for you, read up in Wikipedia. Here’s an extract:
    Luton has seen several waves of immigration. In the early part of the 20th century Irish and Scottish people arrived in the town – these were followed by Afro-Caribbean and Asian immigrants. More recently immigrants from Eastern Europe have made Luton their home. As a result of this Luton has a diverse ethnic mix, with a significant population of Asian descent, mainly Pakistani (9.8%), Bangladeshi (4.3%) and Indian (4.2%). The 2005 Office of National Statistics figures revealed that town had a white population of 68% (of which white British amounted to 61.3%).”
    Finally read my original comment again where i used the word IF (this is another Made-in-Pakistan attack,….)
    Be patient, the rest will become clear as the investigation proceeds.

  • villiger says:

    You have a point about the scorecard and lack of loss of lives.
    But the overall objective of the terrorist is to terrorise.
    As for media coverage, i think this has been responsible. it is important for all of us to understand the linkages and roots of this Islamic jihad concept in the context this clash of civilisations is only just beginning.
    I withdraw my remark if it was unfair.

  • Jimmy says:

    “In early October, the Swedish Security service said that “a handful” of Swedish citizens had traveled to Pakistan for training at terror camps.”
    This nut could be one of them….they all are anyway….

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  • Heather says:

    The European countries should contribute more to prevention of terrorist attacks like these in Stockholm. The attacks should also be prevented by key public and private-sector bodies that manage terrorist attacks by using a number of factors such as types of terrorist networks, tactics and targets.

  • Thor says:

    What?? Why do they want to kill Lars from Metallica!?!?!?!? NO, don’t do it man….!!

  • Nick Chen says:

    Why they doing this, to hurt innocent people, this reminds me of one of my brother, worked in abroad and died becuase of similar incident. I am so sad.


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