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A suicide bomber killed a policeman and five civilians in Bannu. Three Taliban fighters blew themselves up after being surrounded by police in Buner. Police arrested four Taliban fighters in Karachi. A Jaish-e-Mohammed member was killed in Karachi.


Coalition and Afghan forces killed and captured scores of Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters in Helmand, Kunar, Khost, Paktika, and Paktia. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in the east and captured nine security guards in Kabul. President Karzai has been pardoning hundreds of Taliban leaders and fighters.


Insurgents killed a soldier and two civilians in attacks in Mosul, Baghdad, and Balad. Security forces detained 10 wanted men and discovered a bomb factory in Mosul.


Fifteen more people were killed during clashes between Shabaab fighters and Somali and African Union forces in Mogadishu. Puntland blamed Shabaab for the assassination of a court official in Bosaso. A US court sentenced a Somali pirate to 30 years in prison.


Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters wounded two soldiers in an IED attack in Lauder. Houthi rebels established checkpoints to find AQAP fighters in the north. A court adjourned the trial of a journalist accused of working with AQAP.


Suspected Islamist insurgents injured five policemen in a bombing at a market in Songkhla province. Insurgents planted the remotely detonated bomb under a bench in the rarely violence-stricken province. A janitor was murdered by insurgents as he was traveling home from the school he worked at in Pattani province.


Gunmen kidnapped 12 villagers in Basilan island who were returning from a fishing trip. No group has claimed responsibility but weapons and a ransom have been demanded for their release. Clan rivalry is the suspected reason for the kidnappings, although Abu Sayyaf has been active in the area.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Two suspected Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Islamist fighters were killed and others were wounded in clashes with Algerian authorities. Three soldiers were also injured during the clashes in the Tiffellat region, 200 kilometers from Algiers. AQIM denied that 28 members of the terror organization defected to Mauritanian authorities.


Tehran said released Wikileaks documents reinforce its skepticism of Obama’s negotiation strategy over the Iranian nuclear program. Beirut endorsed Iran’s civilian nuclear research program.

Al Qaeda

Displaced Pakistanis prepare for risky return to South Waziristan


The Taliban threatened to kill Hamid Saeed Kazmi, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, if he didn’t resign. Kazmi was the target of a suicide attack in September 2009. The Taliban kidnapped four truckers and torched three trucks in Mohmand.

ISAF targets another Iran-based commander in western Afghanistan

ISAF continues to target what is clearly a major al Qaeda and Qods Force-linked Taliban cell that operates in Farah province in western Afghanistan. From the latest ISAF press release: Afghan and coalition forces in Farah province detained several suspected insurgents as they targeted a Taliban leader during a joint security operation yesterday. The forces […]


Security forces detained a senior Ansar al Sunnah leader in Kirkuk and 50 wanted men in Amarah. Insurgents killed two civilians in Baqubah and a railway employee in Anbar.


A policeman killed six ISAF troops in the east. The Taliban killed two children in an IED attack in Kandahar. Security forces killed and captured several Taliban commanders and fighters in Kandahar, Farah, Khost, Paktia, Logar, and Wardak. Admiral Mullen said the US drawdown will begin in July 2011.

US targeted Zawahiri during past raids in Pakistan

Ayman al Zawahiri. The Associated Press reports on three US attempts to kill or capture Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s second-in-command. All three near-misses took place in northwestern Pakistan: the first in the city of Peshawar in 2003, the second in the tribal agencies of South Waziristan in 2004, and the third in Bajaur in […]