Monthly Archives: October 2010


First passenger plane in 20 years lands in Baghdad


Insurgents killed six policemen and an Awakening leader in Baghdad, and a security guard for a political party in Baqubah. Security forces arrested 23 wanted men in Karbala and an al Qaeda “prince” in Khanaqin.


A suicide bomber at a central square in Istanbul wounded 15 police officers and 17 civilians. A second, undetonated bomb was found near the attack. Authorities believe the radical Kurdistan Workers Party carried out the attack, as a truce with the group expired today.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Ibrahim Hassan al Asiri, a wanted al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operative from Saudi Arabia, is believed to have built one of the bombs in the parcel bomb plot uncovered two days ago. Hanan Al-Samawi, a female engineering student at Sana’a University, and her mother were detained by Yemeni police in connection to the […]