Taliban claim Pakistani military is assassinating commanders

At the end of a report on the Taliban taking credit for the kidnapping of six migrant workers in Chitral, the Taliban spokesman for Swat, Omar Hasan Ahrabi, accused the Pakistani military of assassinating commanders after capturing and imprisoning them. From The News:

The TTP Swat spokesman accused the military authorities of killing Taliban prisoners. He said Qari Abdullah of Charbagh in Swat who was in military custody after his arrest in Karachi’s Qasba Colony six to seven months ago was executed recently and the army then claimed he was killed in an encounter. He alleged that another militant Dawa Khan from Spina Ooba in Malam Jabba area was arrested in Charsadda some time ago and executed in the same manner recently. He asked the human rights organizations and the media to highlight these cases, as these were violations of human rights and abuse of prisoners’ rights.

While Taliban claims should be taken with a grain of salt, there does appear to be some truth to this report. There have been several reports of Taliban commanders being killed months after after being arrested.

One of the most memorable was the case of Abu Faraj, a dangerous Swat Taliban commander who orchestrated suicide attacks. The Pakistani military claimed it captured Faraj in September 2009. He was later was reported to have been killed during a military operation in Swat in December 2009. The military claimed that Faraj accompanied Pakistani troops during that raid.

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  • Eric L says:

    Just in… ACLU will be filling a lawsuit against the Pakistani military… More at 10′!

  • AAndrew says:

    In their complaint to the media, did the Taliban specify that these assasinations are hindering their ability to poison schoolgirls? I guess they perceive their “human rights” (and I use the term “human” very loosely here) issues as more pressing as those of the schoolgirls they are intentionally poisoning.
    In my view, human rights are reserved for humans. And the Taliban and AQ don’t qualify for that definition. Now let’s get a few more Hellfires warmed up as a response to their complaints.

  • Civy says:

    They are not due the protection of the Geneva Accords unless they sign them and abide by them. Until then I hope they torture every last one of them to death. Some of these guys should be slid feet first into a tree grinder in a public square.

  • Scott P. says:

    The taliban is appealing to human rights groups? Now that’s a joke!!

  • Alex says:

    Just as they should, Eric.

  • Neonmeat says:

    Ha yeah er what was that Mr Ahrabi? Did I hear you right?
    Allah these guys are dumb! I’m sure this has gone straight to the top of Amnesty Internationals list of Human Rights abuses, these guys don’t even believe in universal human rights as a concept! their hypocrisy (and also Pakistans for that matter) never ceases to amaze me.

  • Karachiwalla says:

    Hey neonmeat, what hypocrisy’re you talking about?
    We Pakistani’s never claim to be the height of Human Rights muckety-mucking. And fyi, when Pakistanis get serious about eliminating a group, we start Operation Phoenixing thm.
    The day I hear about American Soldiers executing Taliban prisoners on the spot in Afghanistan is the day I’ll smile that the US is serious about eliminating the creeps. Heck, empty out gitmo & Bagram and hand the prisoners over to the Uzbeks of the Northern Alliance
    Even Pak HR groups know better than to bother about caring what these far right Talibans squeal. And if the Talibs are squealing, at least in the settled areas, we know the Federal Government is serious.
    Now all we need is stories of dead bodies turning up with their hands tied behind their back in Fata, Orakzai and the Waziristans….Pak Army are you reading this, Sirs?

  • madashell59 says:

    It sounds more like executions than assasinations. If this is true then the PAK govt must know that there is internal security issues and may want to show some examples (execution for treason), not allow these commanders to lead from jail, or take the risk of attacks to free the prisoner.
    As for the Taliban complaining. They are at war with their country which is treason. Although I am not sure what or if treason exists in Pak law. And what do they do with their prisoners. Oh, wait what prisoners. They’re all dead.
    As for US troops doing such acts it would be against their rules of engagement and laws that are inherent to them. Also, intelligence intelligence.
    Although, I think that execution in this sense shows weakness.
    I’ve always liked the electric shock collar with GPS and some C4 added in for extra deterant. Maybe add a satelite web cam with microphone to keep tabs on them. Let them go. Have a great life but don’t go back to your old ways.

  • Lakshmanan says:

    Taliban is raised and being nurtured by Pakistan Army. They do not have any other way except killing them because if they are captured and handed over to Americans, the U.S will get a clear picture that the on going war in Afghanistan is due to the monetary and technical assistance including occasional man-power supply of the Pakistan Army, So they cannot hand over or allow Taliban commanders to be captured by the U.S Army. Killing is the only solution to keep the now well known secret.

  • jeandon says:

    Of course! They are justly tried by military commissions. Those found guilty off abetting serial mass-murder-atrocities against civilians receive capital sentences, as simple justice would demand. That is, unless they cop a plea and turn state’s evidence against their fellows, and/or “escape” to become controlled agents and spies for the coalition.


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