Caucasus Emirate airs dirty laundry on Internet


Doku Umarov, the leader of the Islamic Caucasus Emirate, al Qaeda’s affiliate in the Caucasus, from a videotape in which he took credit for the March 29 suicide attacks on the Moscow Metro.

Via Kavkaz Center, the online propaganda arm of the Caucasus Emirate, Emir Doku Umarov lays bare the internal disputes within the terror group’s leadership that led to his resignation and bizarre retraction. Umarov claimed that Muhannad, an Arab who was the deputy emir of military forces in Chechnya (never let it be said that the Caucasus jihad is merely a local affair), has been “the main organizer of fitna (split/discord) among the Mujahideen in the Province of Nokhchicho (AKA Chechnya / Ichkeria).” From Kavkaz Center:

Since the very first day when I proclaimed the Emirate, when we all stood united under the banner of the Emirate, when we removed taghut (idolatry, impurity), when we purified ourselves, when we equalized what we have in our souls with what we have in our tongues, Muhannad exposed himself as an opponent of the Emirate.

Wherever he was among the Mujahideen, he claimed and contended to the Mujahedeen that the Jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan came to a standstill after the proclamation of Emirates, and that after the proclamations, there were great punishments from Allah. The tests from Allah he tries to present as punishments.

Now, at the latest Majlis al-Shura, Muhannad swore that the Majlis has the right of the last word, and that the Emir has no such right, that it was this way during our first Emir Maskhadov, and so it was during the second Emir Saidullayev.

I told him that he is not telling the truth, that there is a man, Sheikh Abu Supyan, who was present at both Majlises, so let us ask him.

Then we invited Abu Supyan, and Abu Supyan confirmed my words that the last word rests with the Emir, and he (Muhannad) did not even say Astaghfirullah.

Read the whole post to get the feel of what the equivalent of a jihadist slap fight in the Caucasus looks like.

While internal squabbling amongst jihadist leaders is never a bad thing, there is no indication that this will develop into anything more than a war of words (we can at least hope it will continue on the Internet). There have been no reports of battles between Emirate factions within the nearly two months since Muhannad and his supporters attempted their bloodless coup.

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  • Eric says:

    “Read the whole thing to get the feel of what the equivalent of a jihadist slap fight in the Caucasus looks like.
    Read more:

  • Mr T says:

    Like a petulant little child. Only difference is, this guy murders people for a living.

  • Graham says:

    I don’t know. It seems to me that this “Chechnya war” might have a little bit to do with global terrorism (There’s Arab fighters in the Caucasus and possibly a couple Chechens in Afghanistan, so what?) it has more to do with the Kremlin’s ongoing project to eliminate an entire race of people.
    They’ve been trying to dominate and conquer the Chechens for several hundred years now. Stalin actually accused the Chechens of collaborating with the Nazis and deported them to Siberia and Central Asia. All of them.
    Nowadays, Putin might actually be succeeding. Especially with that tin-pot dictator Kadyrov in power.
    So, some might see the Opera and Beslan incidents in a sort of selective historical void, proof that we should stick with our Russian brothers-at-arms as they wipe out a whole country using methods that would make the IDF and ISAF sick to the stomach, and murdering any journalists who dare report on one of the biggest war crimes in modern times.
    I think it’s time for the world to stand up to this brutality. How about the next time Moscow complains about the Palestinians, we point towards the one quarter of disabled, dying, or slain men, women and children of the Chechen race.
    So, how about it?

  • blert says:

    The former head of the GRU had very unkind things to say about Putin and Beslan.
    He floated ashore from the Black Sea less than a month ago.
    As for Moscow’s journalists: they keep tripping off their balconies every time they scribble something nasty about Lord Putin.
    What a guy!

  • mansur says:

    Our Amir is Dokku Abu Osman (AKA Dokku Umarov) He is the Emirul Muminun of Caucasus Mujahideen..leading by him by the help of Allah will, we will kick infidels and their puppets rules out of our Muslim Land whole Caucasus Emirate territory insha’Allah..May Allah give our Amir wisdom and power which make Caucasus Mujahideens more strong more united…
    Allahu Akbar..

  • vito says:

    @Graham …
    before crying out loud for chechens try to live with them for as long as Russians did … started from 18th century never-ending threat from northern Caucasus to Russia’s southern borders and thus the need to protect them from kidnapping, slave-trade etc. and if you’re not completely ignorant it all had been happening before our eyes in modern days Chechnya of late 1990s … and as to “wipe-out whole race” as you refer, first of all chechens are not race, they’re ethnicity and second they have tripled in numbers since those 2 wars to more than 1 million which never happened to them in history, at the same time from Chechnya were driven many other nationalities almost half a million by targeted killings, rapes, evictions etc. of all non-chechens and local cossacks who lived on that land for more than 300 years … and thirdly most chechens in WW2 as a matter of fact did side with German army, which they enthusiastically greeted wherever they could (which in my opinion nonetheless doesn’t justify their deportation, since i’m against collective punishment – but, hey isn’t it the same we did to Japanese at the same time) … so, before writing study the subject first

  • Gaz says:

    started from 18th century never-ending threat from northern Caucasus to Russia’s southern borders and thus the need to protect them from kidnapping, slave-trade etc
    I’d almost buy that were it not for the fact that Russia was an empire at the time and for a century prior to it’s invasion and colonisation of Chechnya it had been conquering lands from Finland to China. The only difference between Russia and the other European colonial powers is that the Russian Empire never disintegrated like the French or British.

  • Neonmeat says:

    @ Graham and @ Vito,
    I think you both have valid points, but we need to find a common ground in the middle.
    Vito I do not personally think it is right for a whole population to be persecuted for what their ancestors did in 300 years ago and Graham there can be no justification for the killing of innocents regardless of the cause, Belsan is just one big bloody and shameful mess for both sides.
    Russia has for years tried to ‘russify’ the caucaus people but seems to me that they have finally given up on Chechnya, the seat of the strongest opposition and handed it over to Kadryov who by anyones reckoning is a dictator.
    Sure the Chechens have done bad things but so have the Russians. As for joining with the Germans when they riolled in 60 years ago, well it’s a pretty tough choice for them, totalitarian communism or totalitarian fascism, well you know what they say the grass always looks greener….

  • Vito says:

    @Gaz and @Neonmeat …
    Thank you gentlemen for your input … I agree on some of your post comments while still think that i have to point at some historical facts hard to ignore … The difference between Russia and the other European colonial powers is that the Russian Empire had growth within its natural geographical proximity and had Russian population at incorporated land into Russian Empire for some 100s years at places (cossacks and Russians of old Russian orthodox church schism who left Russia proper at times of tsar Peter 1 the Great), while French or British for that matter were literally colonizing brand new territories to them thousands miles away from France or England without ever having any link to those lands prior … Also, again, trying to stress it out, in no way i agree on Stalins mass population deportations, including Chechens, which was only another step bringing the events of late 90s around (2 wars, ethnic cleansing from Chechens to non-chechen populace and vengeance for that from Russian army towards innocent people in most cases, later installment of dictators like Kadyrov etc.) … to sum up,we (the West) always get very one-sided and biased picture by most of modern media (Longwarjournal is rare exception) whenever it goes about Muslim extremism – be it in Chechnya, Israel or even at home – they are off-limit for criticizing or revealing its muslim ideology nature


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