ISAF continues to hunt IMU commanders in Kunduz

ISAF is definitely hot on the tail of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commanders who are operating in Kunduz. From an ISAF press release today:

Afghan and coalition security forces detained two insurgents in Kunduz province Monday in their continued pursuit of an Al-Qaeda-affiliated extremist connected to several insurgent groups in the area including the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and the Taliban.

The extremist was recently forced to leave his safe haven in Pakistan and moved to Takhar province with several Al Qaeda members.

The assault force targeted a series of compounds in Kunduz City in pursuit of the Al Qaeda operative. Afghan forces used a loudspeaker to call for all occupants to exit each of the compounds peacefully, and then secured the areas. After questioning all of the residents at the scene, the security force detained two insurgents.

This commander is very likely the same one mentioned in an Aug. 27 press release (both releases state that the “extremist was recently forced to leave his safe haven in Pakistan and moved to Takhar province with several Al Qaeda members”). Also both commanders were targeted in Kunduz district.

Another Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander was targeted in Chahar Dara district on Aug. 29. And on Aug. 14, ISAF killed Abu Baqir, “a dual-hatted Taliban sub-commander and al Qaeda group leader,” who also was a member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

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  • TMP says:

    The reassment period of the past 18 months is over it appears – The Mil hunters have pushed back and are now winning the battle of wanting to get back the iniative and going back to the kinetic solution more where needed. Love it!


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