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Purported audio message from Saddam regime official surfaces


The government denied any al Qaeda involvement in the southern insurgency. Security forces killed a local Runda Kumpulan Kecil leader in Yala. Muslim insurgents killed a civilian in Narathiwat.


Iraqis don’t expect political impasse to be resolved by fall


Insurgents killed seven Iraqis in attacks in Anbar, Mosul, and Yusifiyah. Security forces detained two al Qaeda operatives in Mosul and two al Qaeda fighters involved in an attack in Baghdad earlier this week.


The Supreme Security Committee admitted that Shia Houthi rebels killed 12 soldiers and pro-government tribesmen, wounded 55, and captured 228 more during fighting in Harf Sufyan. The government previously that denied any soldiers were captured by the Houthis.


The Taliban assassinated a tribal leader in Kandahar. Coalition and Afghan forces detained several Taliban and Haqqani Network commanders and fighters during raids in Khost, Zabul, and Kandahar. Coalition forces accidentally killed a civilian in the South.


A court has charged three Kenyan men for their involvement in the July 11 suicide attacks in Kampala that killed 74 people. One of the men, Hussein Hassan Agad, was described as “a preacher of Islam.” Shabaab’s Saleh Ali Nabhan Brigade claimed the attack.


Israel killed Issa Batran, a Hamas military commander and rocket maker in central Gaza, in an airstrike on his convoy. Israel also targeted a training camp and tunnels to Egypt. The strikes took place after Hamas fired a Grad rocket into Ashkelon.


More than 500 members of the Deobandi Islamic Defenders Front attacked an Ahmadiyah sect mosque in West Java. A court sentenced Putri Munawaroh to three years in jail for sheltering slain Jemaah Islamiyah and al Qaeda leader Mohammed Noordin Top.


ISI chief Lieutenant General Shuja Pasha canceled a trip to Britain after Prime Minister Cameron said Pakistan must stop exporting terror. Security forces detained to Jaish-e-Mohammed operatives in Karachi. The Taliban bombed a NATO fuel tanker in Quetta.


Insurgents killed five civilians in an IED attack in Buhriz. Security forces detained eight al Qaeda fighters in Tarmiyah and Mansuriyah, and two Special Groups operatives in Diwaniyah.


A riot broke out in Kabul today after a car crash involving a US embassy vehicle killed four Afghans. The Taliban killed 13 civilians and three ISAF soldiers in attacks nationwide. Coalition and Afghan forces detained a Haqqani Network sub-commander and three fighters in Paktia and three more in Khost, and three Taliban fighters in […]

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Mohammed Said al Umdah Gharib al T’aizzi, a commander in al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, claimed the terror group has raised a 12,000-man army. “By this army, we will establish an Islamic Caliphate,” T’aizzi said. “This is a message to the Yemeni government security and the National Security Service: our swords are ready and […]


Shia Houthi rebels released 200 soldiers captured earlier this week; Yemen denied the soldiers were captured. President Saleh offered to bring the Houthis into the political process.