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Insurgents killed five policemen in Kirkuk, Baghdad, Mosul, and Anbar, and a civilian in a suicide attack near Ramadi. Security forces detained five wanted men in Basrah and two al Qaeda operatives near Baghdad.


In a videotape titled “The African Crusaders,” Shabaab claimed to be close to controlling all of southern Somalia. More than 20 people were killed over the past two days during fighting in Mogadishu.


Pakistan: Baradar’s extradition to Afghanistan likely to happen


US and Afghan forces killed eight Taliban fighters who attacked Jalalabad Airfield and seven more in Ghazni. Combines forces also detained a Haqqani Hetwork facilitator and several Taliban fighters in Khost, Kandahar, and Ghazni. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in eastern Afghanistan.

General P, the ROE, and Pakistan

During his testimony to Congress yesterday, General David Petraeus made a point of directly addressing the problem of the existing Rules of Engagement (ROE). The existing Rules of Engagement were put in place by General Stanley McChrystal, with the intention of reducing civilian casualties. And they appear to have done so; the ROE change has […]

On that Rolling Stone article …

I had the ironic fortune to meet Michael Hastings, the author, on the military side of Kabul International Airport last week on my way to Helmand. We were both cooling our heels waiting for MilAir flights to other parts of the country, and had a couple of hours to chat. Nice guy, and interestingly, he […]