Taliban: Next Afghan push coming Monday


A new statement from the Taliban’s info-machine (Voice of Jihad English sitenon-terrorist site) gives a heads-up about a new operation, “Al-Faath,” allegedly kicking off May 10.

The last announcement of a new operation (“Nasrat”) came almost exactly a year ago (via theunjustmedia.com, or PDF from non-terrorist site). It was a reasonably short statement outlining what they would do, and who the targets would be. This week’s statement, while covering most of the same ground, also has some new elements.

In their most recent announcement, one of the messages they want people to read is how the Taliban are just a bunch of Islamic warriors:

Al-Faath is a prideful word in the history of the Muslims. It has been used in the Holy Quran to mean success, upperhandness and victory. A chapter out of 114 chapters of the Holy Quran is named Al – Faath. Muslims were favored with Al-faath.-victory on the ground of Al-badar battle in the second lunar year of Hijara. In this battle, Muslims killed Abu Jahal, the leader of the non-beleivers. The second Al-Faath came on the eighth years of Hijra. It was the victory of Mecca. This is considered the beginning of establishment of Islamic rule in the world. So, the Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan chose this name to be the name of this spring operations against the Americans and NAT forces. Like the Badar, the Conferarates battles and the Victory battle of Mecca, we hope these operations will be successful operations against the global invading forces, if Allah willing.

The Taliban must want readers to forget that most of the civilians killed in Afghanistan have been killed by Taliban attacks. Just wondering, how many of the civilians killed by Taliban IEDs and suicide bombers were Muslims …. Here’s a related post on how Muslim or holy the Taliban are: In Pakistan, Muslim leaders are banding together to oppose their Taliban.

Targets for this new Taliban offensive? The usual suspects [highlights mine]:

The Al-Faath operations will target the invading Americans, the NATO military personnel, foreign advisers, spies who pose as foreign diplomats, members of the Karzai stooge administrations and members of the cabinet, members of the parliament, personnel of the so-called ministry of defense, intelligence department, ministry of justice, ministry of internal affairs, contractors of foreign and domestic private security companies, contractors and personnel of military logistics and military constructions companies and all supporters of foreign invaders who are working for the strengthening of foreign domination

Tactics? Same old, same old:

The Al-Faath Jihadic operations will start in 10th May 2010 this year to include operations against the defeated foreigners and their surrogates all over the country. It will comprise of tactics of successful tips and runs operations, inter-cities operations, and laying siege to cities, blockade of roads of military centers, use of IED, assassination of government officials, detainment of foreign invaders and martyrdom-seeking operations as needs be.

Alluding perhaps to their alleged code of conduct, the Taliban leadership at least want to look as if they’re asking their fighters to remember to protect civilians:

The leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan earnestly requests the honorable and brave Mujahideen to pay attention to the safety of life and property of people and make every effort to protect them during all operations including the operation Al-Faath. Pleasure of Allah(Swt) and prosperity of people should make your sole goal of Jihad. This is in order to ensure the sanctity of the sacred goals of Jihad.

Although they’ve used this line before, I guess the memos aren’t getting through to the front-line bomb builders and planters – recent examples of such ‘unclaimed voicemail’ here, here and here.

The newest bit seems to be this message to foreign investors:

Those foreign investors, who make investment in Afghanistan to ensure American interests in Afghanistan and their benefits invariably end up in the pockets of the foreigners instead of the people, should avoid making such investment. Instead, they should make investments in sectors which benefit them and the people rather than the invaders. Nor they should bolster the foreigners. Mujahgideen will destroy and wipe out every thing that is considered supporting the foreign invaders. Then none should have reason to complain.

Interesting suggestion, considering what will happen to folks working for the wrong companies – more on that here:

Owners and workers of transportations and construction companies, who transport logistical goods for the foreigners or build their construction facilities, should put an end to these illegitimate activities. Otherwise, Muajhideen will deal with their personnel and technical equipments in the same manner as they deal with the foreign invading troops and their equipments. They will kill their personnel and destroy their equipments. This is because their activities help extend the occupation of the beloved country Afghanistan.

Why the mention of “foreign investors”? Do the Taliban want us to think they’re looking at the future, maybe into a time where they’ll be in government again? It appears to reinforce messaging in previous statements like this:

Being a home-grown nationalist Islamic movement, the Islamic Emirate agenda is focused on reconstruction and development of the country, prosperity of the people, mutual cooperation with friendly countries, establishment of justice and peace, eradication of graft and corruption and non- interference in the internal affairs of other countries. (“Who Wants Continuation of War in Afghanistan?” via Scribd.com)

Finally, as for the media saying “more attacks are coming” in Afghanistan, I haven’t been able to find any stories announcing that Taliban attacks had stopped. They may have slowed down a bit, because of poppy work, but not stopped.

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  • ArneFufkin says:

    Well, one thing can be said about the Taliban: They, unlike most leaders in the West, are willing to openly clearly identify their enemies.

  • KaneKaizer says:

    How many “Operation Nasrat”s have they launched so far? I think I recall at least two previous times they made an announcement like that with no real notable uptick in violence except of course spring and summer fighting that is expected every year.

  • davidp says:

    “Success” is what muslims are promised (see http://lorenzo-thinkingoutaloud.blogspot.com/2010/04/third-choice.html#0) “at the heart of Islam is: ignorance → guidance → success.” Failure belongs to the infidel. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the arabs keep redefining their losing wars against Israel as victories.
    English isn’t even the second language of their translation. The sentence “Pleasure of Allah(Swt) and prosperity of people should make your sole goal of Jihad” is unintelligible on its own.

  • Graham says:

    I haven’t even heard of any bombings or attacks. Guess their offensive just didn’t materialize.


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