Full text of Hakeemullah videotape


Hakeemullah Mehsud, the leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan, from his audiotape, dated April 19, 2010.

Below the fold is the full text of a videotape released to The Long War Journal by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan News Channel. The videotape, dated April 4, and another audiotape, dated April 19, were released less than 24 hours after the failed car bomb attack at Times Square in New York City. The Taliban clearly are capitalizing on the event to announce Hakeemullah is alive and to prove he is in operational control of the Pakistani Taliban. Much of the tape focuses on threats against the US.

My respected brothers of the Muslim Ummah

May Peace and Blessings of Allah be on to you

The non-believers (kuffar) have always been doing propaganda that Hakeem ullah Mehsood has been martyred.

Sometimes they say in a Drone attack, mostly giving references of Shaktui or Orukzai and sometimes they say we martyred him on his way to Multan.

This is an open LIE & propaganda made by Kuffar and its funded Media. Alhamdulillah, on the 4th day of April 2010, I give good news to the Muslim Ummah about being alive and healthy.

And I want to make one more thing very clear that America is the worst Fanatic Terrorist & Extremist country in the whole world.

Its hands are filled with the blood of millions of Muslim children, women, young & old of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and various other Muslim countries.

And now this arrogant terrorist has started showing bad intentions towards the Mujahideen of Yemen, Now America wants to enter into Yemen for its evil objectives.

I want to give a clear message to the Muslim Ummah to WAKE UP from the slumber of ignorance and cowardness [sic]. America and its allies are facing the worst defeat ever in the [sic] history.

America and Nato [sic] forces are facing a destructive defeat in Afghanistan and want to run away from Afghanistan under the camouflage of PEACE DEALS.

Very soon the Muslim Ummah will hear victorious & joyous news of US troops leaving Afghanistan back to its terrorist state after a humiliating end.

Along with its front-line ally Pakistan Murtad Army facing the same humiliating fate in the tribal areas. InshaALLAH. With the help of ALLAH (SWT) we are steadfast and successful in our mission.

I want to especially convey my message to the Mujahaideen of Yemen, Aljazzair, Saudi Arab (Hijaz-e-Muqaddas) and Palestine to be steadfast on their Jehad and don’t loose [sic] their stance even for a micro second.

I request all of you to be steadfast & firm in your Jehad. The time is very near when our Fidaeen will attack the American states in their major cities.

And inshaALLAH we will succeed in our attacks. Our fidaeen have penetrated the terrorist America, we will give extremely painful blows to the fanatic America. I request you all to be steadfast & firm in your Jehad.

America, the criminal state has martyred many of our great muslim Leaders i.e., Baitullah Mehsud Shaheed RA and many respected brothers from Al-Qaida who were prince [sic] of Arab and they only came for us for shelter.

They came to us with the invitation towards ISLAMIC/Shariah System and for this the US and their Extremist Allies have martyred them.

We can never forget our honorable martyred brothers, our faith and dignity does not allow us to forget about these Great Martyrs in the path of ALLAH (swt). InshaALLAH we will take revenge of our brothers in the most ruthless way.

Not to forget about the respected and innocent sister from Pakistan Dr. Afia Siddiqui who has been stripped naked in order to make Fun of the dignity and respect of the Muslim Ummah.

Our hearts are in severe pain seeing our sister in such un-human and disrespectful condition. The flames in our hearts will only be lightened when our Fidaaeen will deliver precise and destructive attacks on the terrorist America bringing it down to its knees. inshaALLAH

InshaALLAH very soon in some days or a month’s time, the Muslim ummah will see the fruits of most successful attacks of our fidaeen in [sic] USA.

Please don’t worry for the pain and suffering that’s in your heart. America the extremist has Lost terribly.

And I want to Warn its Allies to have some mercy on themselves, stop assisting America and If you don’t stop your KUFR/Disbelief being a frontline ally in their war against Islam, you will face an even worse humiliation, destruction and defeat than America itself.

I want to again WARN the evil Allies to have mercy on themselves and reject the friendship of USA, openly oppose the satanic American policies. Otherwise your end will be much Harsh [sic] than Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

inshaALLAH in some days or a month, time will prove the success of our Fidaee [sic] attacks bringing Joy & bliss to the hearts of the Muslim Ummah.

Al Quran: “And the hearts of the momineen will receive bliss.”

O’ the Youth, Ulema and Scholars and pious people of the Ummah remember us in your prayers to ALLAH (SWT).

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  • BraddS says:

    Wow, the guy sounds really pissed. Can anyone have any doubt now about how incredibly terrifying and effective our Predator/Reaper attacks have been, are, and will continue to be to these crazies?

  • Paul says:

    Surely we or our part time allies the pak army have good enough reason to go into terrorism central North Warizistan?

  • Mr T says:

    Hey Hakeemullah,
    You and your terrorist friends are just murderous thugs. Making excuses for your murderous ways by using the Koran is just sick and cowardly.
    Attacking innocent women and children is the only way you can feel important. So sad for you.


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