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Four Taliban fighters dressed as policemen stormed a hospital in Lahore and killed five people, including three policemen. The Taliban are suspected of trying to free or kill one of their own who carried out the attack on two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore on May 28. The military claimed 42 Taliban fighters were killed in […]

Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda announced that Mustafa Abu Yazid was killed in a strike. Yazid, who was al Qaeda’s leader in Afghanistan and top financial officer, was killed in a US strike in North Waziristan on May 21.


UN Security Council members urge Israel to lift Gaza siege


Israel: ‘Marmara’ ship docks in Ashdod; video shows attack on troops


Israeli soldier: Pro-Palestinian Turkish activists came for war


IHH – a Turkish humanitarian relief fund with a radical Islamic anti-Western orientation

Palestinian Territories

Pro-Palestinian ‘activists’ from the jihadist-linked, Turkey-based Humanitarian Relief Fund attacked Israeli naval commandos with knives and bats as they boarded a ship, sparking a battle that resulted in 10 people killed and six commandos wounded. The activists were transporting supplies to Gaza when intercepted by the Israelis.


Insurgents killed two policemen and a soldier in Mosul, and a civilian in Baghdad. Iraqi troops killed the suspect who killed a recently elected Iraqiya member of parliament from Mosul. Security forces detained 39 policemen in Khalis, 13 wanted men in Basrah, and three Hezbollah Brigades fighters in Baghdad.


Shabaab attacked government and Ethiopian troops in Elberde. Hizbul Islam fighters withdrew from Beledweyne. Hizbul Islam ordered Universal TV to shut down after the station broadcast an image of the Prophet Mohammed.


Security forces killed two Taliban commanders in Kandahar and three fighters in Badakhshan. A suicide bomber killed only himself in Ghazni. The Taliban killed a policeman in Khost and a British Royal Marine in Helmand.


Iran opposition asks for anniversary rally permit


An IAEA report on Iran’s enrichment program reduces the likelihood of a nuclear fuel swap. Iran’s general staff denied reports that an Israeli nuclear sub entered the Persian Gulf. The Iranian ambassador to Iraq said no deal would be made to free three US hikers accused of spying.


Nato strike against Pakistan Taliban in Afghan district


Passenger arrested after Aeromexico flight diverted to Montreal

Saudi Arabia

More than 5 billion Saudi riyals, or $1.33 billion, have entered Afghanistan via Pakistan since 2006. The money moves from Riyadh to Peshawar, where it is converted to dollars or rupees. The money is then transferred to North Waziristan; from there it is smuggled across the border.