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The Punjabi Taliban executed a pro-jihadist former ISI officer. The Taliban released a tape of Hakeemullah Mehsud. Security forces killed 21 Taliban fighters in Arakzai and another in Darra Adam Khel, and detained two Saudis in Khyber. The Taliban bombed a girls’ school in Bajaur

New Hakeemullah tape?

Hakeemullah Mehsud, left. AFP photo. According to AKI and The Express Tribune, Hakeemullah Mehsud, who has died more times the past year than the most daring of cats, has released a videotape. First from AKI: In the video released to Adnkronos International (AKI), Hakeemullah calls for Muslim militants to renew their struggle but it has […]


Prime Minister Maliki rejected Iraqiya’s call for an internationally-appointed interim government. Insurgents killed a police officer in Mosul and two civilians in Fallujah. Iraqi security forces detained 10 wanted men in Basrah and five al Qaeda operatives in Mahmudiyah.


Mumbai attack masterminds ‘will never be brought to justice’

United States

Wesam El Hanafi and Sabirhan Hasanoff, two US citizens, have been charged in New York with conspiring to provide material support to al Qaeda. El Hanafi is accused of traveling to Yemen in 2008 to meet with al Qaeda. Hasanoff is accused of “performing assignments” on behalf of al Qaeda.


Shabaab said it carried out a suicide attack against African Union forces to avenge the killing of al Qaeda in Iraqi leaders Abu Ayyub al Masri and Abu Omar al Baghdadi. Shabaab claimed that 20 African Union troops were killed but the AU said the attack was unsuccessful.


French forces confirmed they accidentally killed four Afghan children while responding to a Taliban attack in Kapisa. Coalition and Afghan forces detained a Taliban IED facilitator and two fighters in Kandahar. The Taliban killed an ISAF soldier in an IED attack in the south on April 29.


Iran’s deputy president threatened to “cut Israel’s legs off should it dare to attack Lebanon or Syria.” The US will grant a visa to President Ahmadinejad for IAEA’s Non-Proliferation Treaty summit next week at the UN headquarters in New York City.


A Caucasus Emirate suicide bomber killed two policemen and wounded seven more in an attack at a police checkpoint in Dagestan. The attack took place about 60 miles north of the capital of Makhachkala.


Pakistani intelligence officials say Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud is alive

Pakistan considering offensive in North Waziristan?

Is the Pakistani military considering a full-fledged military operation in North Waziristan? According to The New York Times, the idea is being kicked around as officials are finally acknowledging that North Waziristan has become a witches’ brew of jihadi groups. Pakistani officials recognize that the evolving nature of the militants has made them more dangerous […]


Taliban commander Hakeemullah Mehsud is still alive; the Pentagon said he is not in command. Security forces killed 15 Taliban fighters in Arakzai and detained two more in Swat. The Taliban bombed three schools in Arakzai.


Ten people were killed after Shabaab forces attacked the pro-government Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’a and took control of the town of El Bahay. Hizbul Islam leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys denounced a senior leader of his group and claimed he was colluding with the Somali, Ethiopian, and Kenyan governments. The African Union denied its forces […]


Insurgents killed nine civilians and a soldier in bombings in Baghdad, Kirkuk, and Anbar. Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Basrah, an al Qaeda leader in Baghdad, and a terrorist in Kirkuk.


The Nigerian senate has given its overwhelming support to the country’s first terrorism bill. The bill will define terrorist acts in a number of categories, including: hostile acts, hijackings, weapon proliferation and transportation, and circulating information to induce panic and evoke harm. The bill may be passed this legislative quarter. Violence in the south and […]


A Pentagon report said the Taliban are getting stronger. An Afghan MP said US forces killed a family member during a raid on her home in Nangarhar; ISAF claimed the person was an “armed individual.” Afghan forces killed a district-level Taliban commander in Kunduz. Coalition and Afghan forces detained two Haqqani Network facilitators and two […]