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North Waziristan Taliban threaten Pakistani government

Daily Times has the best description of the North Waziristan Taliban’s warning to the Pakistani government not to launch a military operation in the tribal area: A shura of Taliban in North Waziristan Agency on Sunday said it can withstand government action but would not tolerate a military operation in the agency. In a pamphlet […]

Al Qaeda

Cleric in Yemen admits meeting airliner plot suspect, journalist says


Security forces have reportedly surrounded Yahya Djouadi, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb’s leader in the Sahel and Sahara regions, along with two deputies and three fighters in the El Marra region. Police and Army forces moved against Djouadi, who is also known as Yahya Abu Ammar, after receiving intelligence on his location.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb has stated that it will postpone the execution of the French hostage, Pierre Camatte, indefinitely. The group has demanded the release of four AQIM members held in Mali prisons for the hostage, whom the group pledged to kill at the end of January if its demands were not met. […]

The Taliban on General McChrystal and negotiations

This was inevitable. The Taliban have used General Stanley McChrystal’s statements on his desire for negotiations in their propaganda. Here is an except from the Taliban’s English-language Voice of Jihad website: The top commander of American forces in Afghanistan, Mc Crystal, in an interview with The Financial Times, has said: “We fought along war in […]

AQAM in northern Afghanistan

At least one squad of the joint Taliban-al Qaeda Shadow Army operating in Swat. Britain’s Channel 4 will air a show called Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines tomorrow night which will neatly show how Al Qaeda and allied movements (or AQAM) is operating in the northern provinces of Kunduz and Baghlan. According to Najibullah Quraishi, the […]


Security forces arrested 26 members of an Egyptian Islamic Jihad cell during raids in the provinces of Mansoura and Dakahiliya. Security forces found explosives, weapons, and ammunition in the cell members’ possession.


The Taliban denied Hakeemullah Mehsud was killed in a US airstrike earlier this year. The military killed 17 Taliban in airstrikes in Bajaur and detained five more in Nowshera. The Taliban killed two soldiers in Mohmand and bombed a girls’ school in Bannu. The Taliban also warned the government not to carry out operations in […]