What throws around …

The reporter who famously threw a shoe at George Bush received similar treatment from an Iraqi colleague during a press conference in Paris yesterday. From Al Sumaria Iraqi TV:

An Iraqi journalist threw his shoe on Tuesday at Iraqi reporter Montazer Al Zaidi who was imprisoned for throwing his shoes at U.S. President George W. Bush.

The shoe hit the wall next to Al Zaidi’s head. The attacker accused Al Zaidi of siding with dictatorship.

The Zapruder footage:

Beyond the humorous irony of the incident, it does illustrate the fact that Iraqi opinion is not monolithic.

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  • Hanging On Every Word says:

    Haha, “podetic” justice (yeah, I know: GROAN). Still warms my heart the way footwear is exchanged in the ME. Loved the 2nd Shoeman’s smirk as he made his escape from the carpeted knoll.


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