Monthly Archives: December 2009


The US killed four people in an airstrike in North Waziristan. The Pakistani military killed four al Qaeda operatives and four Taliban fighters in South Waziristan, and four more Taliban fighters in Arakzai. The Taliban kidnapped a tribal elder in Arakzai and blew up two schools in Bajaur. Hakeemulah Mehsud’s spokesman denied the Taliban carried […]


Judge tosses Blackwater case in Baghdad shooting

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb released photographs of Sergio Cicala and his wife Philomene Kabouree, the two Italians kidnapped in Mauritania. The photographs and a statement were released by the terror group on jihadist websites.


The US Embassy in Jakarta issued a warning about the threat of a possible terror attack in the resort town of Bali. “Extremists may target both official and private interests, including hotels, clubs and shopping centres,” the warning stated.


The US military freed Asaib al Haq leader Qais Qazali. Security forces detained 23 wanted men in Basrah and two Special Groups operatives east of Diwaniyah. A member of Anbar’s provincial council was killed in yesterday’s suicide attack in Ramadi; the governor lost his left hand in the attack.