US jihadi: North Waziristan ‘bustling’ with ‘Foreign Mujahideen’


Here is an interesting tidbit of information from the charge sheet against David Coleman Headley, the US jihadi indicted for plotting attacks in Denmark. Headley traveled to North Waziristan and afterward offered his view on the number of al Qaeda and other foreign jihadis in the tribal agencies’ largest towns (in response to a think tank survey that said a significant number of people in the northwest approved of the Predator attacks against al Qaeda):

This “survey” is the biggest crock of S … I was there on some business recently and I assure you this dude is not even close .. I even doubt the ability of the surveyors to conduct this “research” in Miranshah or Ramzak. I even challenge [the identified individual who posted the survey online] to just walk around the bazaar in Miranshah. This bazaar is bustling with Chechens, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Russians, Bosnians, some from EU countries and of course our Arab brothers. According to MY survey the foreign population is a little less than a third of the total. Any Waziri or Mehsud I spoke to seemed grateful to God for the privilege of being able to host the “Foreign Mujahideen.” [emphasis in the original]

Headley is very likely exaggerating but the point is made: North Waziristan is teeming with al Qaeda and allied groups. The Pakistani military is dealing with this by inking yet another peace agreement.

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  • Max says:

    Yeah, right. “grateful” because they fear for their lives if they said anything else. Reminds me of Saddam Hussein hosting the Iraqi Baath party while he systematically ordered his opponents out to be shot. The people were totally terrified and would do or say anything not to seem “grateful”.


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