Monthly Archives: May 2009

Al Qaeda

Senior al Qaeda spokesman and ideologue Abu Yahya al Libi called for the takeover of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and for planning to prevent the US from seizing Pakistan’s nukes after a Taliban revolution in the country. Libi made the statements in a book titled ‘Sharpening blades against Pakistan’.


The United Kingdom and China are blocking India’s efforts to place Jaish-e-Mohammad founder Maulana Masood Azhar on the terrorist list. The two countries are also blocking India’s attempt to place Lashkar-e-Taiba operational commander Azam Cheema and ideologue Abdul Rehman Makki on the terrorist list.


Twelve Taliban fighters and six policemen were killed, and four Taliban fighters were captured during clashes in Farah province. Afghan and Coalition forces killed the Taliban district chief of the Imam Sahib district and four fighters in Kunduz province, and captured four more fighters in Helmand province.


The former trade minister who was wanted on corruption charges was arrested after his airplane was turned back in mid-flight. Insurgents killed four policemen in Samara, one policeman in Mosul, and a woman in Kirkuk, and wounded two journalists in Mosul. Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Kirkuk.


Security services broke up a plot by Hezbollah to attack the Israeli embassy in the capital of Baku. Police captured two Hezbollah operatives from Lebanon after a car chase and found explosives, binoculars, cameras, pistols with silencers, and reconnaissance photos. Subsequent raids on safe houses pointed to a plot to attack the embassy.


Iran calls in Pakistan envoy over mosque bomb