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The military launched an operation in Buner and claimed more than 70 Taliban and 10 troops were killed during operations in Dir; the Taliban disputed the casualties and said only four fighters were killed. The Taliban captured 60 security personnel in Buner. In Swat, the Taliban captured five policemen and ordered the media not to […]


DoD supports Pakistan™s anti-Taliban operations, hopes for sustained effort

A new approach to stop Thailand’s insurgency


Security forces detained 50 Islamists during raids in the southern provinces of Osmaniye, Gaziantep, Adana, and Sanliurfa. Among those captured was Shahmeran Sari, the leader of the Turkish Islamist movement Vasat. Sari is thought to have ordered operations inside Turkey.


On the five-year anniversary of the Krue Se massacre, militants in the southern provinces killed 10 people and wounded two others in six attacks, including an assault on a family of five. In the years since the Krue Se incident, more than 3,400 people have been killed in the southern provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, […]


Dozens of terrorists are moving from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and into Somalia. President Sharif said African Union forces should stay in Somalia. Shabaab freed three journalists and reopened their radio station.


Twelve Taliban fighters and one policeman were killed during clashes in the Mosahi district outside the capital of Kabul. A parade celebrating the victory over the Russian-backed communist regime was canceled due to security concerns. President Karzai said he would run again for a second term.


The Iraqi government displayed the man they claim is Islamic State of Iraq leader Abu Omar al Baghdadi on television. Security forces detained seven members of an al Qaeda cell behind the recent bombings in Baghdad, 10 Special Groups fighters in Amarah and one more in Baghdad. Two missile launch pads were dismantled in Amarah.

United Kingdom

The Kingston Crown Court found three Muslim men not guilty of conspiring with the 7/7 London Tubes bombers. All three men admitted to knowing the bombers. Two of the men were found guilty of plotting to attend a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.


The government claimed 46 Taliban fighters and two Taliban leaders were killed during an operation in Dir. The Taliban and the TNSM suspended talks due to Dir. Sufi Mohammed went missing in Dir. Security forces have deployed on the highway in Shangla, Battagram, and Kohistan after armed attacks.


(Afghanistan) Australian troops play down warlord’s role on crucial supply chain


The prime minister defended the parliamentary vote endorsing Islamic law and has invited Islamist terror groups to join the government. Shabaab shut down a radio station in Baidoa and detained three journalists for “spreading false news.”

Pakistan touts success of Dir operation

The Pakistani military claims 46 Taliban killed during operation by Frontier Corps in northern district. Government officials insist peace agreement with Taliban is still in effect; Taliban call truce “worthless.”


Two Abu Sayyaf fighters were killed and two more were wounded in a clash with police on Jolo island, as government forces continue to search for captured Italian Red Cross worker Eugenio Vagni. President Arroyo will visit Egypt and Syria starting on May 1 to ask for assistance in peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic […]


One day before the five-year anniversary of the Krue Se massacre, Islamist terrorists attacked pylons, utility towers, and a school in Narathiwat province, temporarily disabling government communication systems and preventing security forces from responding, by laying spikes on access roads. Thailand’s southern provinces remain under a state of emergency.


Yemeni forces free oil tanker, arrest 11 pirates


Afghan and Coalition forces killed five Taliban fighters and detained 10 more in Kandahar province; two more Taliban fighters were detained in Kunar province. Afghan Commandos captured a Taliban leader in Farah province. The Taliban killed an Afghan policeman and captured nine more in an assault on a district center in Baghlan province.


Prime Minister Maliki said the April 26 US raid in Al Kut was a “breach” of the SOFA agreement. Security forces detained seven insurgent in Kirkuk, six wanted men in Basrah, and three Special Groups fighters in Hillah. Basrah’s police chief escaped an assassination attempt.


The Pakistani government has deported nine Chinese Uighurs to China after detaining them in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The nine Uighurs conducted attacks on Pakistani security forces. Uighurs train and fight alongside al Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan.

Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb threatened to kill a British hostage if Abu Qatada was not released from British custody. “We demand that Britain release Sheikh Abu Qatada, who is unjustly held, for the release of its British citizen,” an al Qaeda statement said. “We give it 20 days as of the issuance of […]