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17 with links to Hezbollah arrested on drug trafficking charges


Security forces killed 14 Taliban fighters and established a headquarters in Buner. The Taliban captured four policemen in Swat, bombed a girls’ school in Bannu, and killed one person in an IED attack in Kohat. The Government will form sharia courts in two days in the Malakand region. Sufi Mohammed has resurfaced and has criticized […]


Three masked gunmen killed Sheikh Muktar, a Shabaab military commander, as he was sitting outside his shop in Mogadishu’s Bakara Market. The Shabaab commander was allied with Muktar Robow. Three Somalis, including a senior intelligence official, were killed in an hand grenade attack in Galka™yo in the semi- autonomous region of Puntland. The ICU claimed […]

Insurgent attacks increase in Thailand despite surge

Al Qaeda

Negotiations for Al Qaeda suspect to plead guilty underway


Petraeus: Next two weeks critical to Pakistan’s survival


Britain will send 700 additional troops to Afghanistan and Australia will send 450 more soldiers. Afghan and Coalition forces killed four Taliban fighters in Logar province. Three children were killed while playing with a rocket in Kapisa province. A German soldier was killed in yesterday’s suicide attack in Kunduz province.


Security forces detained 19 wanted men in Basrah and 15 more in Khalis. British forces have begun to withdrawal from Basrah. The Khour al-Amiya port was transferred to Iraqi control. Iraq has eliminated the National Security Advisor post .


Pakistan concerned about US plan in Afghanistan: US general

Taliban still in control in Dir

The government claimed the Dir operation dislodged the Taliban after just one day of fighting, but the Taliban still control much of the northern district.


A US strike in South Waziristan killed 10 al Qaeda and Taliban fighters. Clashes between MQM supporters and Pashtuns resulted in 25 killed in Karachi; the government issued a shoot-on-sight order. The Taliban remains in control of Dir. The military took the town of Daggar in Buner and claimed 50 Taliban fighters were killed. The […]


Commandant: Marines likely out of Iraq in 2010


Filipino security forces captured a shipment of firearm components bound for Abu Sayyaf, including six M14 rifles and a bolt assembly for an M60 machine gun. Sulu province governor Abdusakur Tan announced that Italian Red Cross hostage Eugenio Vagni is alive and that more troops would be deployed to pressure Abu Sayyaf for his release.


US and Afghan forces killed 23 Taliban fighters in Uruzgan province, 10 in Logar province, and nine more in Helmand province. Five German soldiers were wounded in a suicide car bomb attack in Kunduz province. The Taliban announced a new spring offensive that will target new forces entering the country as well as Afghan politicians […]

Filipino Radicals help Indonesian terrorists


Nine soldiers were killed after their tank and an armored personnel carrier were hit in an IED attack in the province of Diyarbakir. Police detained two female suicide bombers after failed attacks in Ankara. The incidents are blamed on the Kurdistan Workers Party.


Sixteen Iraqis were killed and 45 more were wounded in three car bombings in Sadr City. Security forces detained six Naqshabandiya group fighters in Kirkuk. The former deputy governor of Karbala and an aide were detained on terrorism charges related to the August 2007 clashes with the Mahdi Army. Security forces executed more than 1,600 […]

Taliban advance on Mansehra

More than 100 Taliban fighters have entered the district from Buner to the west and have established a base and training camp near the vital Karakoram Highway that links Pakistan to China.

Taliban capture 70 security personnel in Buner

A joint Frontier Constabulary and police force was captured after the Taliban surrounded a police station. A leaked report indicated the Army will deploy two brigades in Buner. The Taliban dispute casualties in Dir.