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17 with links to Hezbollah arrested on drug trafficking charges


Security forces killed 14 Taliban fighters and established a headquarters in Buner. The Taliban captured four policemen in Swat, bombed a girls’ school in Bannu, and killed one person in an IED attack in Kohat. The Government will form sharia courts in two days in the Malakand region. Sufi Mohammed has resurfaced and has criticized […]


Three masked gunmen killed Sheikh Muktar, a Shabaab military commander, as he was sitting outside his shop in Mogadishu’s Bakara Market. The Shabaab commander was allied with Muktar Robow. Three Somalis, including a senior intelligence official, were killed in an hand grenade attack in Galka™yo in the semi- autonomous region of Puntland. The ICU claimed […]

Insurgent attacks increase in Thailand despite surge

Al Qaeda

Negotiations for Al Qaeda suspect to plead guilty underway


Petraeus: Next two weeks critical to Pakistan’s survival