The Takfiri: Adil Hadi Al-Jaza’iri Bin Hamlili

Name: Adil Hadi Al-Jaza’iri Bin Hamlili

ISN #: 1452

Citizenship: Algeria

Birth Date/Year: June 26, 1975

Alleged Affiliation: Bin Hamlili worked with several known terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda, the Taliban , the HIG, the Algerian GIA/GSPC, and a somewhat more obscure group called Takfir Wa Hijra (“TWH” or “TVH”).

Key Allegation: Bin Hamlili was plotting to use IED™s against American forces in Afghanistan at the time of his capture.

Details of Capture: Bin Hamlili was captured in Pakistan, presumably with the help of Pakistani authorities.

Current Status: Hamlili is reportedly being held at Guantanamo.


Less than one dozen of the Gitmo detainees we studied were explicitly identified as takfiris – that is, members of a radical, ultra violent sect of Islam committed to the destruction of not only western culture but also Muslim cultures that do not accept their austere creed. Far more frequently, the U.S. government has identified Gitmo detainees as jihadists, or holy warriors dedicated to fighting for Islam against all of its perceived foreign enemies. One fighter who was detained at Gitmo after he had admittedly trained at al Farouq and fought on the front lines against the Northern Alliance even told his tribunal that his recruiter told him to avoid takfiri organizations in Afghanistan. Although takfir and jihad are not mutually exclusive terms, and takfiris and jihadis frequently collaborate towards their mutual goals, there are differences between the two.

Consider the career of Abdil Hadi Al-Jaza™iri Bin Hamlili.

Bin Hamlili is part of an Algerian family that has long been dedicated to jihad. According to the U.S. government, Bin Hamlili, “his father, his two brothers, his cousin Mustafa Hamlili [Note: who was also a detainee at Gitmo], and a friend of the family named Abu Yasir left Algeria and went to Peshawar, Pakistan, to perform jihad”

Thomas Joscelyn is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Senior Editor for FDD's Long War Journal.

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