A Profile of Mangal Bagh

Mangal Bagh.

Mangal Bagh is one of the more enigmatic Islamic warlords to emerge from the Wild West frontier of Pakistan’s tribal belts adjoining Afghanistan. Bagh has led a charmed life; from humble beginnings he has risen to be the most powerful man controlling Khyber agency within Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas. His meteoric rise to power holds a curious mix of contradictions; he has swung from the secular to the fundamentalist outlook, has decried the Taliban yet enforcing a similar system of sharia, and has suppressed crime and drugs within his area of influence while at the same time collecting a kind of protection money. This is the story of Mangal Bagh, the new face of extremism in the Khyber agency.

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Manzar Zaidi directs the The Long War Journal‘s project on Global Jihadist Movements – The Pakistani Taliban.

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  • C. Jordan says:

    Just got done reading this fabulously in-depth article. Had to print it out, and chip away at it, but i’m glad I did.
    Thank you Manzar for taking the time to write the article, and educate all of us who are interested in knowing more about the region.

  • Asad says:

    Mangal Bagh is very nice person but some sources are not want to spread islam in country and also not want to finish evil from a spicific location. Mangal Bagh is the first person who eliminate all evil from khyber agency and finish all thives and prausctuer. In his leadership , there are complete peace in his area but now other sources didn’t want peace.


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