Monthly Archives: August 2008


Hezbollah handed over a man suspected of firing at a Lebanese Army helicopter in the South, which killed an officer. The judiciary handed over three members of Fatah al Islam suspected of terror activities in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia to Saudi authorities for interrogation.


Philippine police announced the captured of Ruben Omar Pestano Lavilla Jr., AKA Sheik Omar Lavilla, a leader in the Rajah Solaiman Movement who was behind the SuperFerry 14 bombing in February 2004. Lavilla was detained in Bahrain and extradited to the Philippines. A Catholic bishop called for a Ramadan cease-fire with MILF.


Bombs, sectarian tensions still scar Iraq’s Diyala

Sri Lanka

At least 45 people were injured when a small bomb exploded in a busy market area in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo. Military officials speaking on condition of anonymity said the blast was triggered by around 100 grams of explosives. The separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebel group is the lead suspect in the […]

Anti-Qaeda fighter killed with family in Iraq

Missile strike kills five near Afghan border

Colombia to send demining experts to Afghanistan

Danish troops witness Afghan forces killing an Afghan detainee

Helmand governor impresses British with tough line on crime


The military thwarted a triple suicide bomb attack near the Kohat Tunnel; five were killed and 37 wounded. The government may halt military operations in the tribal areas and Swat during Ramadan. Twenty-five Taliban fighters, including a commander, were reported killed in airstrikes in Swat. Politicians said the government has lost its writ in Swat. […]


The government will not sign the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The agreement would have granted MILF autonomy in the South. Security forces overran a major MILF training camp and an arms factory in Mindanao.


Police claimed to have dismantled an al Qaeda-linked terror network operating in several cities in the country. Police detained 15 members of a group called Fath Al Andalous (Conquest of Andalusia, or southern Spain) after they were caught with explosives and electronic equipment used to make bombs. The group had “established operational links with foreign […]


Iraq signed a $3 billion oil contract with China. Coalition forces detained eight al Qaeda operatives in the Hamrin Mountains region and Mahmudiyah. Iraqi security forces captured five al Qaeda fighters in Wasit province and 14 in Ninewa province. Police stopped a suicide attack in Tal Afar.


Loyalists of Iraq’s Sadr sign blood oaths to continue fighting


Iraqi girl tells of ordeal as suicide bomber


Shabaab taunted the Ethiopian prime minister for his suggestion that he might pull troops from Somalia. A group of Somali members of parliament condemned the Ethiopian government. Two civilians were killed in an attack on an Ethiopian base south of Mogadishu. Shabaab forces ambushed a Somali military convoy in Mogadishu.


Coalition and Afghan forces killed 12 Taliban fighters and captured two during a patrol in the Barmal district in Paktika. Coalition forces killed one Taliban fighter and captured two during a raid in Paktika’s Gayan district. A civilian was killed in a Taliban attack on a base in Kunar. Coalition and Afghan forces killed a […]


Yemen’s fight against resurgent Al Qaeda


Iran confirms nuclear component production