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Six dead after PKK attack on Turkish military base


The Islamic Courts Union set up sharia courts in Buulobardte, the provincial capital of Hiran. Colonel Barre Hirale vowed to fight the Islamic Courts in Kismayo. Three Somali soldiers were wounded in a grenade attack near Baidoa.

Gulf of Aden

On Aug. 29, a Malaysian ship laden with petrochemicals was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden, the eighth ship since July 20. Between April and June, 19 ships were attacked in the Gulf of Aden. US and allied navies will establish a maritime security patrol area between the coasts of Somalia and Yemen, under Combined […]


Khalid Abdul Nabi, the leader of the Aden Abyan Islamic Army, was arrested after a five-year search. In 2006, officials said Nabi was a peaceful farmer and was pardoned by President Saleh. In 2007, Nabi was reported fighting in the Sa’ada War and training tribal fighters for the Yemeni military. In 2003, Yemen repeatedly reported […]


Police kill 6 suspects in Xinjiang violence


Iraq PM says Ramadan to celebrate victory over ‘terrorists’

Al Qaeda

Insights into the Cyber-Jihad: Tracking the Terrorists Online