Monthly Archives: August 2008


Six were killed, including “foreigners” in a US strike on an al Qaeda safe house in North Waziristan. Fighting in Kurram claimed 95 killed and 200 wounded. Lashkar-e-Islam leader Mangal Bagh fled Landi Kotal ahead of an operation. Tribesmen torched the homes of local Taliban in the Salarzai region in Bajaur. The Taliban bombed a […]


Coalition forces captured five operatives from the Iranian-backed Army of the Righteous in Baghdad. Coalition forces captured 14 suspected al Qaeda operatives during raids in Baghdad and central and northern Iraq. Iraqi soldiers captured 14 al Qaeda fighters north of Baqubah. Iraqi police arrested two “wanted men” in Dhi Qhar.


Afghan and Coalition forces killed more than 220 Taliban fighters during operations in Helmand province from Aug. 25-30. Coalition forces killed “several” Taliban during an operation in Kapisa province. A Coalition soldier was killed in an IED attack in southern Afghanistan. Reports indicate the Taliban will attempt to claim Coalition forces killed Afghans in Helmand […]