Monthly Archives: January 2008


Republic of the Philippines’ Marine Force Recon and Navy Special Warfare killed an Abu Sayyaf leader, Radi Upao. Dulmatin, the JI leader wanted for the 2002 Bali bombing, is reported to have escaped the strike.


A car bombing in Baghdad wounded seven Iraqis. An IED attack wounded four. Nine insurgents were captured in Mosul. The British denied an Army helicopter was shot down in Basra.


Security forces arrested Abdulkhai Yuldashev, the leader of an al Qaeda linked group that attacked Kyrgyz and Tajik border posts in May 2006, resulting in nine deaths. Yuldashev’s group received funding from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan based out of Pakistan.


A suicide bomber killed Helmand’s deputy governor and five others, and wounded 18 during an attack on a mosque in the province. Another suicide bomber killed one and wounded four during an attack against a bus transporting Army personnel in Kabul. “The greatest threat to Afghanistan’s future is abandonment by the international community,” said Richard […]


Sheikh Suulay, the spokesman for the Islamic Courts, said Ethiopian withdrawal from Mogadishu is a victory and their forces would still be attacked. The Islamic Courts killed the government spokesman for Mogadishu. African Union troops are deploying throughout the capital.


Iraq’s civilian toll falls again in January