Monthly Archives: October 2007

Al Qaeda

Tribal sheiks unperturbed by kidnapping, vow to continue al Qaeda fight


Coalition Forces free hostage from al Qaeda in Iraq


Iraqi police killed the leader of al Qaeda in western Iraq. Coalition forces killed four al Qaeda operatives and captured 17. Security officials denied reports that 20 headless bodies were found in Diyala. Twelve al Qaeda operatives were killed and 22 captured during separate operations in Diyala province. Twenty-seven insurgents were captured in Huweijah.


Iraq bill would lift contractor immunity


Iran says no role in killing US soldiers in Iraq


Iraq Kurds reject Ankara ‘orders;’ Turkey pounds rebels


Hariri says he has evidence of Syrian assassination plots


A suicide bomber killed seven in an attack outside the army headquarters in Rawalpindi. A “temporary cease-fire” has been declared in Swat. The NWFP Governor said “foreigners” and not the Taliban were behind attacks in Swat. The military denied it took casualties in two attacks on convoys in North Waziristan.


US and British embassies in Baku have been shut down after security forces thwarted an attack. The National Security Ministry “described the plotters as adherents of the strict Wahhabi interpretation of Sunni Islam, which counts Osama bin Laden and many al-Qaeda members among its adherents.”


US says bomber of US destroyer Cole still jailed


The Hakim-Sadr Pact: A New Era in Shiite Politics?


US death toll in Iraq lower in October

Palestinian Territories

The head of the Israeli Gaza division said Hamas is “establishing bunker system along Gaza fence.” One Israeli soldier was killed and four were wounded in fighting during Gaza. Hamas said it would take over the West Bank. Fatah TV promised the elimination of Israel.


Thailand: 14 suspected insurgents rounded up in Narathiwat


A key pro-Taliban tribal leader in Musa Qala in Helmand province may side with the government. Over fifty Taliban were killed or wounded during fighting in Uruzgan province. Several Taliban were killed and five captured during a raid in Kunar province. A policeman and two civilians were killed in a suicide bombing in Lashkar Gah […]


A US warship destroyed two boats of pirates attacking a Japanese ship inside Somali waters. Somalia’s prime minister resigned after months of fighting with the president. Four civilians were gunned down in Mogadishu.