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Iraqi Official Says New Efforts Will Restrain Kurdish Rebels Striking In Turkey

Al Qaeda

‘Taji Awakening’ proof the surge is helping Iraqis


Coalition forces killed three members of al Qaeda in Tamim province and captured an al Qaeda commader and three cell members in Khadra. Coalition forces captured 12 members of the Special Groups. Ten Sadrists were arrested in Diwaniyah, while seven Popular Committees members were arrested in Diyala.


US Out How? The Moral Dilemma of Leaving Iraq


A Spanish court handed out mixed verdicts on the March 11 Madrid bombing case. Twenty-one of the 28 defendants received guilty charges, only three were charged with conducting mass-murder attacks. Rabei Osman, an Egyptian who bragged about plotting the attacks, was acquitted.


Fighting has resumed in Swat. Four soldiers were killed an IED attack in Bannu, while four were wounded in an IED attack in Mir Ali in North Waziristan. Six were wounded in a bombing at an NGO office in Battagram. Dara Adam Khel is becoming a Taliban safe haven. The Supreme Court directed the government […]


US to face ‘quagmire™ if attacks Iran: IRGC commander


An explosion on a bus in the central Russian town of Togliatti resulted in eight people killed and at least 53 wounded. Russia’s Federal Security Service said the explosion is the result of a terrorist attack.

Al Qaeda

Military builds on northern Iraqis’ frustration with terror attacks

Al Qaeda

Britain facing 30-year battle against extremism: security chief

Saudi Arabia

David Cameron challenges Saudi King Abdullah over extremist material in mosques


The government launched a new “humanitarian offensive” in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. The United States vowed to increase its contribution to such programs as part of a $60 million budget for aid to the Philippines. The amount was $14 million higher than that requested by the US State Department. Meanwhile, a new book […]


The Taliban overran the Gulistan district center in Farah province; thirty Taliban, four police and six civilians were killed in the fighting. Afghan intelligence captured three Pakistani Taliban trainers traveling from Uruzgan to Kandahar. Six Taliban were captured in Kandahar City. An Afghan intelligence chief and three officers were killed in an IED attack in […]


Muslim insurgents conducted five simultaneous bomb attacks on karaoke bars in Narathiwat province; five were wounded. Police killed three insurgents in Yala province. Two additional bombs were detonated at a gas station and a hotel; two were wounded. The military is considering deploying addition troops to the south.


Iraqis to take control of Basra province