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Fatah, Hamas to discuss truce with each other and Israel


US Forces hand over three Kurdish Provinces


Blair tells his critics to ‘get real™ as he hints at intervention in Darfur


Defense Chief: US Looking to Long-Term Military Presence in Iraq

United States

Plan B in Iraq – Beyond the Surge: Keeping the Military Relevant in an Asymmetric World


Moro Islamic liberation Front claims 100 fighters chasing Bali bomber

US eyes cease-fires to end Iraq violence


Muslim insurgents killed 10 paramilitary soldiers in an IED attack on a patrol in Yala province. Members of the RKK (Runda Kumpulan Kecil) who surrendered to the government identified the attackers. Five Muslims were killed during an attack on a mosque in Songkhla.


MRAP is Just Fine or All Bombs Are Not Created Equal


Turkish army says confronting Barzani forces a possibility

Awakening in Babil

The provinces of Iraq. Click map to view. A pro government tribal leader is targeted in Babil; the four provinces around Baghdad have established an Awakening movement The formation of the regional Awakening movements–the groupings of anti-al Qaeda tribes, community leaders, and insurgent groups–threatens to stymie al Qaeda in the largely Sunni regions of Iraq. […]


15 killed when army strikes Yemen petrol station


The Taliban killed 13, including 6 family members of an anti-Taliban cleric, after launching an attack on his home in Tank. The Interior Ministry said 3 ministers are on South Waziristan Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud’s hit list. The Lal Masjid clerics warned yet again of a suicide campaign if the mosque is raided. Interior Minister […]


A Chinook helicopter crash killed 7 ISAF troops in the Kajaki district of Helmand province. The Taliban claimed to have shot down the helo. The Taliban killed 16 Afghan police in an ambush in Zabul province. Iranian-made AK-47s, C-4 plastic explosives, mortars and EFPs are being supplied to the Taliban.


Iraqi Security Forces Make Progress in Mosul, But Bomb Attacks Soar

Al Qaeda

Abu Yahia al-Libi, who escaped from Bagram in 2005, released a videotape attacking the Saudis for supporting the US. “The tyrants of Al Saud … wanted to offer a token which would show the earnestness of their attitude in combating what they call ‘terror,’ and show that they are still unwaveringly loyal … So they […]

Al Qaeda

New Syrian Jihadist Group Delivers Anti-Alawite Calling Card

United States

A newly released report confirmed that accounts of suspicious behavior by 13 Middle Eastern men on Northwest Airlines flight 327 in 2004 was indeed a dry run for a terrorist attack. “”Agency management was not only covering up numerous probes and dry-run encounters from Congress and other federal law-enforcement agencies, it was also hiding these […]