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Iran Rejects Suspending Nuke Enrichment Ahead of Talks With EU


Sudan: US sanctions to have little fiscal impact


Over 20 Taliban and 7 police were killed in fighting in Jalalabad, Uruzgan, Nuristan and Frarah provinces. The full contingent of Australia’s special forces is now in country. About 1,000 supporters of Rashid Dostrum demanded the resignation of the governor of Jawzjan province.


Mehdi Army suspected in Baghdad kidnap, says Zebari


Terror suspects detained in Baghdad’s Sadr City


A car bomb outside the Peshawar High Court killed 1 and wounded 9. Bannu locals said 4 men killed in an encounter with the police were not Taliban. The leader of the Lal Masjid offered to advise the media on sharia. The banned Jamaat-ud-Dawa (formerly LeT) plans to rename its weekly publications to bypass government […]

Al Qaeda targets the Salahadin Salvation Council

The provinces of Iraq. Click map to view. Family of anti Al Qaeda alliance murdered as the Awakening spreads The formation of the Awakening movements – the Sunni tribes and former insurgents opposed al Qaeda’s Talibanization of Iraq’s communities – poses a great threat to al Qaeda in Iraq. The prototype Awakening movement, which was […]


A policeman was killed south of Mogadishu. A double bomb blast targeting police forces north of the capital killed killed one. Ethiopian will leave several thousand troops in Somalia for the long term.


Rogue police may have snatched security guards and analyst in Iraq


‘Iron flowers’ use feminine touch against Thailand’s rebels

The Intellectual Grunt – Part One

By Gene E. Blanton, who is currently embedded with the Multi-National Forces West Training Center in Habbaniyah. Support for Gene’s reporting was provided by Public Multimedia Inc. Counterinsurgency is not just thinking man’s warfare-it is the graduate level of war. Special Forces Officer in Iraq, 2005 COUNTERINSURGENCY Marine Corps Warfighting Publication 3-33.5 CAMP HABBANIYAH, AL […]


Gathering the Tribes- tapping the traditional networks that helped Saddam to stay in power.


Fighting resumed at the Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp, with Lebanese artillery pounding Fatah al-Islam positions and one soldier dying in the fighting. Lebanese special police arrested a man with links to Fatah al-Islam in Beirut.


US ready to yield security responsibilities in three provinces to Kurds

Al Qaeda

As-Sahab released a video by Adam Yahiye Gadahn (a.k.a. Azzam the American), where he issued a set of demands, including “removal of American military forces from Muslim lands, cease of encroachment into the political, social, and economic affairs in these countries, and to free Muslim captives from prisons.”