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Moro Islamic liberation Front claims 100 fighters chasing Bali bomber

US eyes cease-fires to end Iraq violence


Muslim insurgents killed 10 paramilitary soldiers in an IED attack on a patrol in Yala province. Members of the RKK (Runda Kumpulan Kecil) who surrendered to the government identified the attackers. Five Muslims were killed during an attack on a mosque in Songkhla.


MRAP is Just Fine or All Bombs Are Not Created Equal


Turkish army says confronting Barzani forces a possibility

Awakening in Babil

The provinces of Iraq. Click map to view. A pro government tribal leader is targeted in Babil; the four provinces around Baghdad have established an Awakening movement The formation of the regional Awakening movements–the groupings of anti-al Qaeda tribes, community leaders, and insurgent groups–threatens to stymie al Qaeda in the largely Sunni regions of Iraq. […]