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New Report/Chart: “State of the Sunni Insurgency in Iraq: 2006”


UN Officials have criticized Pakistan’s decision to mine the Afghan border. Jamaat-e-Islami’s emir, Sirajul Haq, called the mining of the border an attempt to sabotage Waziristan “peace” agreement. A tribal jirga warned the Taliban not to attack government officials in Waziristan.


Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed vows to stay in Somalia. The TFG is in discussions with local clan leaders in Mogadishu for civil governance arrangements. Ethiopia pledges troop withdrawal from Somalia within weeks.


Mullah Omar spoke, and claimed the west will run from Afghanistan, and called the tribal jirgas a trap. “I am confident that the enemy will run away in degradation and embarrassment .” Ten Taliban were killed after attacking a police station, and another seven were killed in an airstrike in Khost.


[UPDATE 2]Ibrahim Adow, an ICU foreign affairs official, is said to have flown to Kenya. Other leaders are said to have “fled to Djibouti, Eritrea, and other locations.” Some ICU leaders are believed to be in Kismayo, “distributing their weapons and their fighters among the clan elders.” Yemeni forces fired on 4 boats smuggling people […]


The Nun River and Tebidaba oilfields have been reopened after insurgents release employees for the Shell and Agip companies managing the sites. Another pipeline exploded in Lagos, but casualties are unknown at this time. Three days ago a pipeline fire killed at least 269.

The Islamic Courts Abandons Mogadishu

The Somalia Battlefield on 12/28/2006. Light blue – Ethiopian & TFG advances. Green – ICU territory. Orange – recent clashes. Click image to view. ICU leaders flee to unknown location; Ethiopian and TFG troops enter the capital After less than two weeks of fighting against Ethiopian and Somali government forces, the al Qaeda backed Islamic […]


Plan B: Syria™s forgotten – but dangerous – nuclear program

On the Hugh Hewitt Show

Last night I was on the Hugh Hewitt Show with fellow MilBlogger T.F. Boggs. Click this link to listen to the interview. Also, I found a recording of my December 19th interview from Kuwait City. I was up late that night after a good day of travel and the end of an embed, so please […]


Muslim insurgents killed two Muslims and a Buddhist, and burned an elementary school. Teachers and schools have been the primary targets of insurgents, as 110 schools have been burned and 71 school teachers, administrators and school staff killed over the past year.


Somalia: Air Djibouti officer found dead in Kismayo


US rotates 3,300-strong ‘call-forward’ force in Kuwait


U.N. upbeat on Darfur force but Sudan has conditions


British Army interpreter in court on spy charge, spying for Iran


The ICU has abandoned Mogadishu, and Aweys and Sharif have resigned (more at the New York Times.) al Qaeda in Iraq urges Muslims to fight in Somalia. The UN has failed in its bid to broker a peace deal with warring factions.


Saddam To Iraqis: Don’t Hate The Invaders


US warns Iran over ‘downward spiral™ with UN nuclear watchdog


Al-Quds Brigades fire one rocket toward southern Israel


The Baath party has threatened to strike US interests outside Iraq if Saddam Hussein is executed. Saddam calls his sentence a “sacrifice.” The Iraqi Army and US conducted a raid on a Mahdi Army IED facilitator near Najaf. During the raid, a US soldier killed Saheb al-Amir, a senior Sadr aide who was the IED […]


The Philippine Army believes it has exhumed the body of Khaddafy Janjalani, the leader of Abu Sayyaf, and claims Radulan Sahiron was appointed the new leader. The US is helping to run DNA tests on the remains. Although the Philippines has suspended training with US forces, it vowed to continue operations against Abu Sayyaf and […]


London airline plot conspirator Rashid Rauf will be tried under a Pakistani anti-terror law. The US has stated the Taliban control of Waziristan and in greater NWFP is a serious concern. A Taliban cleric has issued a fatwa to kill all UN employees in Pakistan.


The Taliban confirmed Mullah Akhtar Usmani was killed last week in an airstrike in Khost, after initials denials. Afghanistan arrested a Pakistani ‘suicide bomb supplier.™ Iran is attempting to extend its influence inside Afghanistan.

The Fall of the Islamic Courts

The Somalia Battlefield on 12/27/2006. Light blue – Ethiopian & TFG advances. Green – ICU territory. Orange – recent clashes. Click image to view. Aweys, Sharif, resign; the TFG and Ethiopian forces are on the outskirts of Mogadishu Nine days after the onset of open warfare between the al Qaeda backed Islamic Courts and the […]