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At least eight people are thought to have been killed when al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula launched suicide assaults against three military outposts in Abyan province on July 26. The US Embassy has made contact with Sharif Mobley, an American who is wanted for killing a Yemeni guard as he escaped custody while at a hospital in 2010.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed four soldiers at a checkpoint in Baydah. Houthi rebels claimed to have withdrawn their forces from Amran. A British citizen who was kidnapped in February was released.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters gunned down an Army major in Lahj. Five soldiers and two tribesmen were killed during clashes in Marib. On July 21, the US Embassy issued a travel warning and urged Americans to leave the country "due to terrorist activities and civil unrest."

AQAP eulogizes Saudi fighter killed in Sa'adah

Al Qaeda wing seeks to set up 'emirate' in east Yemen

AQAP seeks to consolidate power in Hadramout

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters killed two policemen in an attack on a police camp in Baydah. Two policemen were kidnapped in Baydah two days ago. At least 35 people were killed as government forces battled Shia Houthi rebels in Amran over the past several days.

US adds Norwegian AQAP bomb maker to list of terrorists

Anders Cameroon Ostensvig Dale, a Norwegian who joined al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in 2008, is thought to have been trained under AQAP bomb maker Ibrahim al Asiri or one of his lieutenants.

AQAP praises Ayman al Zawahiri, defends jihadist scholars against 'slander'

Nasir al Wuhayshi, who is the emir of AQAP as well as al Qaeda's general manager, has released a poem praising Ayman al Zawahiri as the "Sheikh father." A video from two leading AQAP ideologues decrying the "slander" of jihadist leaders was released shortly afterwards. Al Qaeda members are trumpeting the messages as rebuttals to the Islamic State and its newly announced caliphate.

The Yemeni military killed an estimated 70 people in airstrikes that targeted Houthi rebels north of the capital of Sana'a. The air force launched the airstrikes after the most recent peace agreement with the Shia rebels broke down.

A suspected al Qaeda suicide car bombing at the Wadia border crossing in Hadramout province killed one soldier and wounded another. After Yemeni security forces gave chase, the attackers fled in two cars into the desert, then reportedly carried out an attack on the Saudi side of the border post, where they killed a Saudi border patrol commander. Three of the attackers were said to have been killed in return fire, another was wounded, and one was arrested. All six attackers were said to be Saudis.

At least two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed in an assault on the government complex in Baydah. Seventeen people were killed during fighting between tribes and government forces in the south. Ansar al Sharia, AQAP's political front, claimed it killed 20 Houthis in Al Jawf.

Airport security may be tightened permanently after US warning - UK deputy prime minister

AQAP attacks government complex in Baydah

Dutch Islamist radicals becoming elusive 'swarm

Twin AQAP attacks hit Hadramout airport and military headquarters

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters attacked a hospital in Hadramout yesterday; four AQAP fighters and two soldiers were killed in the fighting. A Saudi citizen who was held hostage by a tribe has been freed.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula took control of the airport in Seiyun in Hadramout province before being repelled by security forces. Three soldiers and six gunmen were killed in the fighting. A suicide bomber also killed six soldiers and three civilians in a separate attack. Thirteen civilians were killed as soldiers clashed with Houthi rebels in Amran.

Morten Storm's new book describes double life as jihadist/spy

The Counter-Terrorism Unit captured an al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula commander in Hodeida province. Yemeni security forces clashed with Shia Houthi rebels in Amran province just north of Sana'a. Seven soldiers are reported to have been killed.