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Qaeda Media Arm Steps Up Local Coverage in Yemen

Shia Houthi rebels killed a military officer and six bodyguards in an attack at a checkpoint in Amran. Yemeni troops returned fire, killing three Houthi fighters.

All quieter on al Qaeda's English front

The military killed seven al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in Zinjibar. The governor of Abyan accused security services and political officials of turning the province over to AQAP.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula demanded the Yemeni government free its imprisoned members in exchange for 73 soldiers captured in Al Koud. AQAP claimed credit for the Al Koud raid, which killed 185 soldiers.

Yemen reels from army's defeat by al-Qaida

AQAP underestimates Yemeni casualties in Al Koud raid

The Interior Ministry has deployed two units to Al Huta, the provincial capital of Lahj. The Yemeni Army is preparing to launch a "decisive battle" in Abyan with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Journalist: Yemeni officials aided AQAP

AQAP raid decimates Yemeni mechanized battalion

Al Qaeda militants serious threat as Yemen transitions away from Saleh

The more than 60 Yemeni soldiers who were captured by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula yesterday have been taken to Jaar and are being forced to train AQAP fighters on heavy weaponry that was seized. Yemeni and US aircraft reportedly struck the AQAP camps.

AQAP overran a military base near Zinjibar and killed 185 troops and seized heavy weapons. AQAP claimed it captured more than 70 soldiers. Thirty-two AQAP fighters were reported to have been killed.

AQAP overruns Yemeni Army base, kills 185 soldiers

A base in Al Koud was overrun. AQAP seized heavy weapons and turned them against the Yemeni troops, and claimed to have captured another 70 soldiers.

An al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula suicide bomber killed a soldier in Dar al-Nasr in Baydah province. AQAP killed another soldier in a bombing in Mukallah.

Pakistan Builds Web Wall Out in the Open

Ansar al Shariah, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's political front, claimed it killed a CIA officer in Aden; the military denied the report. Twenty-two Houthis were wounded in a bombing at a anti-US rally in Saada.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula reportedly captured a battalion commander after ambushing his convoy in Abyan. Yemeni soldiers and airmen continue protests calling for the ouster of their commanders.

The Yemeni military reportedly gave al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula one week to leave the cities of Zinjibar and Jaar or face an assault. A general from Taiz accused of killing civilians during protests has fled to Egypt.

Yemeni Protesters Set New Goal - Fixing the Military