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Eight inmates were killed during an attempted jailbreak from a prison in Dhamar. Shia Houthi rebels kidnapped three Saudis in Al Jawf.

The chief of the Criminal Investigation Department in Al Houta was killed by "gunmen;" al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters are suspected of carrying out the attack. The military killed two members of the Southern Movement in Dhale who were protesting the upcoming election.

Ten "tribesmen" were killed during clashes with Shia Houthis in Hajjah province. Tribesmen and Salafists accused the Houthis of using child soldiers. The government killed 270 civilians during Arab spring protests.

More than 55 people were killed during clashes between Shia Houthis rebels and Sunni Salafists in Hajjah province. Three al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operatives escaped from a prison in Lawdar.

Four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters and a soldier were killed during fighting in the AQAP-held city of Zinjibar. Members of the Yemeni Air Force continue to demand the resignation of its commander, the brother of President Saleh.

The government is negotiating with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to get the terror group to withdraw from Zinjibar, the provincial capital of Abyan. AQAP fighters attacked an Army base in Lawdar; one militant was killed during the assault.

AQAP operative killed in recent drone strike in Yemen

Abdul Mun'im Salim al Fatahani, who was involved in the suicide attack on the USS Cole in 2000, was killed in the Jan. 31 strike in Lawdar, according to a Yemeni jihadist.

US and allies exploring prospects for Assad exile

"Gunmen" killed three Yemeni soldiers during an ambush in Marib province. Yemen's electricity minister secured the release of six UN aid workers who were kidnapped by tribal fighters earlier this week.

The View From The Gulf: America's Quiet Go-between Speaks

US drones killed 11 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leaders and fighters in Lawdar. Nineteen people were killed during clashes between Houthis and Salafists in Saddah and Hajjah. Six aid workers were kidnapped in Mahweet province. The information minister escaped an assassination attempt in Sana'a.

Saudi Arabia cautious on possible Afghan talks

US drone strike kills 11 AQAP leaders, fighters: report

Four local al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula commanders are said to have been killed in a Predator strike in Abyan province. The strike is the first in Yemen since Dec. 22.

Civilian Deaths Due to Drones Are Few, Obama Says

Al Qaeda benefits from Yemen turmoil

Yemen: Saleh's military support fading as protests spread to previously loyal Republican Guard

Tension in Yemen: Al-Qaida Activity Puts Regime Change in Doubt

President Saleh is traveling to the United States for medical treatment. The military said its forces killed four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in Zinjibar.

AQIM plot foiled in Algeria

Twenty-two people were killed during fighting between Salafists and Shia Houthis in Saada. Thousands of Yemenis in Rada'a celebrated the withdrawal of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula from their town.