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The US killed senior al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leader Fadh al Quso in a drone strike in Shabwa. The government may deport two Belgians who are accused of plotting terror attack. The interior minister expects a kidnapped Saudi diplomat and a French teacher should be released within 48 hours.

USS Cole bomber killed in US drone strike in Yemen

quso.jpgThe Yemeni Embassy said Fahd al Quso was killed in an airstrike in Shabwa province. A US intelligence official told The Long War Journal that Quso was the target of a strike.

In the latest release of Inspire magazine, slain al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leader Anwar al Awlaki called for chemical and biological attacks against the US. Former President Saleh's son stepped down from commanding the 3rd Brigade of the Republican Guard.

Obama's Afghanistan speech: a small view of the war sparked by 9/11

The Yemeni military said it killed 15 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in airstrikes on a camp in Ja'ar. A second Yemeni security guard died of wounds from yesterday's attack on a convoy in Hadramout. AQAP is distributing free gas and electricity to people living in areas under its control.

"Gunmen" in Hadramout province wounded Total's French security chief and killed his Yemeni bodyguard. A Swiss teacher who has been kidnapped by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula pled with the Swiss government to negotiate her release.

Officials Watch for Terrorists With Body Bombs on US-Bound Planes

Security forces killed 12 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters outside of Lawdar. AQAP confirmed that Mohammed Saeed al Umda was killed in the April 22 US drone strike; al Umda served as Osama bin Laden's bodyguard in Afghanistan.

AQAP confirms commander linked to Osama bin Laden killed in drone strike

Mohammed Saeed al Umda, who was killed in the April 22 airstrike in Marib, served as a member of Osama bin Laden's "special bodyguard" before returning to Yemen to become a military commander.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula released the 73 Yemeni soldiers who had been captured in Al Koud when their base was overrun in early March. Ansar al Sharia announced that AQAP leader Nasir al Wuhayshi is its emir.

Weaker Al Qaeda still plots payback for US raid

Al-Qaeda is weaker without bin Laden, but its franchise persists

Qaeda-linked group frees 73 Yemeni soldiers

When Politics Fail, Islamists Take Lead in Yemen

Tribesmen allied with the Yemeni military killed seven members of the al Qaeda-linked Ansar al-Sharia near the city of Lawdar in Abyan province. An intelligence officer was shot and killed in Lahej province.

Bin Laden widows and children prepare for new life in Saudi Arabia

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula bombed a liquefied natural gas pipeline in Shabwa province. Osama bin Laden's Yemeni wife will remain in Saudi Arabia.

Islamist militants blow up Yemen gas pipeline

Security forces detained eight al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in Lahj. Ibrahim Hassan al Asiri, a senior AQAP bomb maker, is believed to be plotting attacks against the US.

US Relaxes Drone Rules