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Broader sectarian rift feared in northern Yemen

Yemeni soldiers battled al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters outside Zinjibar. Four soldiers and 16 AQAP fighters were reported killed. Protests continue in Sanaa and in other anti-government hotbeds such as Taiz, Yemen's second-largest city.

Four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters and two Yemeni soldiers were killed during fighting near Zinjibar. General Ali Mohsen supports the peace deal with the government and has begun withdrawing his forces from Sana'a.

Security forces killed five al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters near Zinjibar in Abyan province. AQAP fighters killed two soldiers outside of Zinjibar.

Yemeni Uprising Opens a Door to Besieged Rebels in the North

Some remarkable facts about the 'US Strategy for Counterterrorism'

US focus to beat al-Qaeda shifting to Africa

US defence chief in Djibouti for counter-terrorism talks

Yemen's official news agency says six al Qaeda fighters have been arrested while allegedly planning attacks on senior government officials as well as Arab and other foreign diplomatic missions. Saudi Arabia has promised to provide the newly formed government of Yemen with urgently needed aid, mainly petroleum products.

Up to 15 al Qaeda fighters escaped from a prison in the southern port city of Aden, in the second such jailbreak this year. Most of the escapees were being tried over a 2009 bank robbery in Aden, while others were facing charges of involvement in the assassinations of intelligence officers.

Al Qaeda profits from Yemen turmoil

Somalis Still Flood Yemen, Going From Worse to Bad

Jihadist releases bio of Yemeni al Qaeda operative killed in Somalia

Abu 'Asim al Tabuki Mansour Nasser al Bihani waged jihad in Bosnia, Dagestan, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. He trained Omar Hammami, the American military commander in Shabaab. Two of Abu 'Asim's brothers are currently being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

Fourteen people were killed during fighting between Salafists and Houthis in Sa'ada. Tribal fighters killed two al Qaeda fighters in Abyan. Gunmen blew up an oil pipeline in Shabwa.

Nine al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed while attacking a military outpost near Zinjibar; one soldier was also killed. The government released the head of the opposition Southern Movement party.

Al Qaeda announces death of Karachi-based media operative

Abd al Moeed bin Abd al Salam was an important member of the Global Islamic Media Front and translated al Qaeda's propaganda, according to his martyrdom statement.

Anwar al Awlaki's son hoped 'to attain martyrdom as my father attained it'

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said the US killed Abdul Rahman "so that America would not be afflicted in the future with another Awlaki."

Nassar al Awlaki urges the spread of his son Anwar's teachings

Nassar al Awlaki urged Muslims to keep Anwar's message alive "by spreading his teachings, sermons, and lectures," and condemned the US airstrikes that killed his son and grandson.

At least two Yemenis were killed in the third day of shelling in the hotbed protest city of Taiz. Yemeni Vice President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi called on Taiz's provincial governor and opposition parties of the Joint Meeting Parties to observe an immediate ceasefire.

Fighting between Shia Houthi rebels and Sunni Islamists wounded at least 26 people in north Yemen. Gunmen killed two Yemeni soldiers in the main southern city of Aden as thousands rallied there to call for secession from the north. Forces loyal to Yemeni President Saleh shelled several neighborhoods in the city of Taiz, killing one person.