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Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters gunned down a senior security officer outside of his home in Hadramout. A Yemeni official claimed that an Iranian diplomat who was kidnapped in Sana'a in July 2013 was found beheaded in Marib; Iranian officials denied the report.

US drones killed four suspected al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a strike in Marib province. The interior ministry said it foiled an AQAP attempt to take control of government building in Baydah province.

US drone strike targets AQAP in central Yemen

Four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed in a town that is known to serve as a base for the Yemen Soldiers Brigade.

Salafists assassinated the Houthis' chief negotiator in an attack in Sana'a. At least 12 people were killed as Houthis and Salafists clashed in Omran province. "Gunmen" assassinated a police chief in Taiz. President Hadi's presidentcy has been extended by one year.

An Iranian diplomat was killed after resisting a kidnapping attempt in the capital of Sana'a. The military killed a pregnant woman and her two daughters during shelling in Dhale.

Five people were killed after tribesmen clashed with the military in Dhale province. Twenty civilians were reported to have been wounded in the fighting. The military killed civilians in the province in December 2012 while shelling an unknown target.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula sent a suicide assault team to attack Yemeni military bases in Rada'a in Al Baydah province. Ten Yemeni soldiers and one suicide bomber were killed in the attacks. AQAP overran one base and seized three armored personnel carriers.

AQAP overruns Yemeni army base, seizes armored vehicles

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters attacked military bases in Rada'a in central Yemen, where the group has remained entrenched.

US drone strike accidentally kills civilian in eastern Yemen

Five of the past six strikes in Yemen have taken place in Hadramout, a province where al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is known to operate.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula gunned down a Yemeni army colonel in Hadramout province. A Salafist spokesman claimed that 210 people have been killed during fighting between his group and Shia Houthis.

Yemeni officials said al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters killed four members of the coast guard in Shahr in Hadramout province; other reports claimed tribesmen killed the security personnel. The military is deploying troops to Dammaj to monitor a truce between Houthis and Salafists.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula freed one of two South Africans who were captured in Taiz in May 2013. The other hostage is expected to be released within days. It is unclear if a ransom has been paid. The central government reportedly has signed a power sharing agreement with the south.

US drones killed two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a strike in Hadramout. The US is investigating the Dec. 12, 2013 strike that reportedly killed 15 civilians. The government brokered a ceasefire between Houthis and Salafists in Amran.

Al-Qaeda hasn't gone away, and is gaining

US drones kill 2 AQAP fighters in eastern Yemen

The strike is the first in Yemen this year. Four of the past five strikes in Yemen have occurred in Hadramout province, an AQAP stronghold and the ancestral home of Osama bin Laden.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula assassinated an officer and a soldier in Aden. Tribes in Hadramout again bombed a oil pipeline. Yemeni officials denied an airstrike took place in Rada'a, and instead claimed three AQAP fighters died in a premature detonation.

President Hadi said that the Yemeni government refuses to extradite `Abd al-Wahhab Muhammad `Abd al-Rahman al Humayqani to the US. In December, al Humayqani was added to the US' list of global terrorists for serving as a leader, facilitator, and fundraiser for AQAP. Tribesmen in Hadramout bombed an oil pipeline.

The Women of al Qaeda

Seventeen people were killed as Shia Houthis and Sunni Salafists clashed in the northern province of Amran. Thirteen people, including a colonel and five soldiers, were killed as the military battled with tribesmen who were halting repairs on the country's main oil pipeline.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula gunned down a colonel in the intelligence branch outside of his home in Aden. AQAP claimed credit for the Dec. 31, 2013 suicide assault on a security headquarters in Aden, and vowed to continue attacking the military.