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US drone strategy in trouble as Yemeni al Qaeda gathers support

US drone strike kills 3 suspected AQAP members

The strike is the first reported in Yemen in more than two and a half months, and takes place just days after reports that US counterterrorism efforts in the country have been "paralyzed."

AQAP releases infographics detailing attacks

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has released a report including two infographics that detail its attacks over the past three months. The group claims credit for 205 operations, including the massacre at Charlie Hebdo's offices in Paris.

Chart: Yemen's chaos, explained

President Obama's 'successful' counterterrorism strategy in Yemen in limbo

Some counter-terrorism efforts in Yemen frozen for now - US officials

Houthis welcome Yemeni president's concessions but gunmen remain

AQAP issues guidelines for suicide operations

Harith al Nadhari, a senior AQAP sharia official, sets forth six recommendations for suicide operations in a newly-released video.

A Yemeni military commander said that Shiite Houthi rebels have seized the Presidential Palace in the capital of Sana'a. The Houthis took the palace just one day after inking a cease fire with the government after nine people were killed during clashes in the capital. Houthis also kidnapped President Hadi's chief of staff.

Militiamen storm Yemen presidential complex

A Who's Who: The Kingpins of the "Islamist Floor" in Lebanon's Roumieh Prison

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula claims responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attack

In a newly released video, a senior AQAP official states his organization planned the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo's offices. AQAP chose the target and financed the operation, he says.

After Paris attacks, questions about intelligence failures

Senior AQAP official praises Paris attack in new audio message

A senior AQAP official praises the Charlie Hebdo attack in a new audio message. Unverified statements also claim that AQAP ordered the attack.

Al Qaeda in Yemen Urges Local and International Jihad

Al Qaeda Member in Yemen Says Group Directed Paris Attack

Exclusive: Paris attack suspect met prominent al Qaeda preacher in Yemen - intelligence source

Yemen blames Al Qaeda for deadly police academy attack

Car bomb kills 35 people outside Yemen police college

Report details human cost of Yemen turmoil