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Freed al Qaeda agent was part of proposed swap for Americans jailed in Qatar

The Looming Narco-State in Afghanistan

US-returned techie held in India for planning to join ISIS

CENTCOM reported that the US and partner nations have carried out five airstrikes in Iraq and six in Syria against the Islamic State since yesterday morning. The Pentagon announced plans to deploy over 400 American trainers and hundreds more "enabling forces" to sites in Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia as early as March, where they will begin training Syrian rebel forces; partner nations in the US-led coalition are also expected to send trainers. The process of vetting "moderate" recruits is ongoing. The US and the UK agreed to work together to develop strategies to counter violent extremism; they also plan to conduct cybersecurity war games and to create a joint "cyber cell" to protect against malicious hacking.

Report Finds No Substitute for Mass Data Collection

ISIS losing ground in symbolic Kobane battle

US welcomes reports of Pakistani plan to ban Haqqanis

CENTCOM said the US and partner nations have conducted 11 airstrikes in Iraq and 11 in Syria against the Islamic State since yesterday morning. Secretary of State Kerry said that the US and the UK are thinking of launching a special initiative to address the threat of Boko Haram in Nigeria and neighboring countries. The Obama administration has released Yemeni Guantanamo detainees Khadr al Yafi, Abd al Rahman Abdullah Abu Shabati, Fadil Husayn Salih Hintif, Mohammed al Khatib, and Qader; four went to Oman and Qader to Estonia.

The FBI arrested Christopher Lee Cornell, 20, of Green Township, Ohio, an Islamic State sympathizer who is suspected of planning to set off bombs targeting US lawmakers in Washington, DC. Authorities stepped up security at airports after last week's terrorist attacks in Paris and al Qaeda's publishing of a new bomb recipe; American, French, and British officials jointly canceled six US-bound flights from France, England, and Scotland on Jan. 11 and Jan. 12 due to security concerns. US officials met with members of the Syrian "moderate political and armed opposition" over the past two days in Turkey to discuss the US program to train and equip Syrian rebels. Iraqi leaders urged the US to increase the tempo of the airstrikes on Islamic State positions and expand the training of Iraqi troops. US envoy John Allen said the Islamic State is "a global threat [that] demands a global response." After Mohammed Hamzah Khan, 19, of Chicago, pled not guilty to trying to provide material support to a terrorist group, his mother said: "We have a message for ISIS, Mr. Baghdadi and his fellow social media recruiters" ..."Leave our children alone!"

Turkey Bans Publication of Reports on Syria Arms Delivery

US Steps Up Airport Security After Al Qaeda's 'Hidden Bomb' Recipe

Mentor of Charlie Hebdo gunmen has been UK-based

Meet the shadowy figure recruiting for the Islamic State in Afghanistan

CENTCOM reported that the US and partner nations have conducted seven airstrikes in Iraq and four in Syria against the Islamic State since yesterday morning. Gen. Austin, the commander of CENTCOM, said that the hackers who briefly took over its Twitter and YouTube accounts yesterday did not compromise the CENTCOM network or obtain classified information; he also said the FBI is investigating the incident.

Kerry holds security talks in Pakistan after school massacre

Iran eclipses US as Iraq's ally in fight against militants

Hackers purportedly from the Islamic State took over CENTCOM's Twitter feed and YouTube page for 30 minutes today, posting threats and information about military personnel. The US and partner nations have carried out 16 airstrikes in Iraq and 11 in Syria against the Islamic State since yesterday morning. The White House admitted that a high-level US official should have been sent to participate in yesterday's huge protest in Paris against terrorism and attacks on freedom of speech. Officials are investigating claims that a US airstrike against an Islamic State facility in Al Bab, Syria on Dec. 28 killed 50 civilians. Pakistani officials told a US State Department delegation that Pakistan will not differentiate between "good" and "bad" Taliban.

Iraq may need three years to restructure and rebuild military: PM

PLO faces US civil trial over terror attacks in Israel

The US and partner nations have conducted nine airstrikes in Iraq and 10 in Syria against the Islamic State since yesterday morning. Attorney General Holder announced that the White House will host an international security summit on Feb. 18 to "discuss ways in which we can counteract this violent extremism that exists around the world." Holder said that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula "remains the most dangerous of the al Qaeda cells that we are constantly focused on."