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Russia claims Islamic State is supplying half of all Afghan heroin coming to Europe

US advisers stay out of harm's way in Iraq

CENTCOM said that between Nov. 24 and Nov. 26, US aircraft targeted the Islamic State with 10 airstrikes in Syria, and that US and partner air forces launched seven airstrikes against the group in Iraq. Additional strikes were carried out yesterday in Iraq and Syria. A covert US-led special forces mission that rescued eight hostages held by AQAP in Yemen on Nov. 25 reportedly missed five other hostages, including an American, who had been moved two days before the raid.

Yemen raid: Rescuers missed Western hostages

Concern about drones as number of near misses surges in recent months

US Adds Planes to Bolster Drive to Wipe Out ISIS

Hezbollah arrives in Iraq

Iraqi forces, tribal fighters advance against ISIS in Anbar

How a French truck driver became a target of the US air war in Syria

Qatar runs covert desert training camp for Syrian rebels

Official: Afghan President Orders Military Review

The US has agreed to provide up to 1,000 extra US troops for the NATO mission in Afghanistan next year to fill the gap created by other nations' unfulfilled troop commitment pledges. About two dozen US special forces led Yemeni troops in a commando raid in eastern Yemen that rescued eight hostages held by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Authorities charged two Somali Americans from Minneapolis, Abdi Nur and Abdullahi Yusuf, with conspiring to support the Islamic State. Nur allegedly traveled to Turkey and communicated online with wanted Shabaab fugitive Mohammed Abdullah Hassan.

Iraq to overhaul Baghdad security to stop bombings

UN: Islamic State group got up to $45M in ransoms

America Musn't Neglect Its Nukes

Turkey, US ease strains on Islamic State but differences remain

CENTCOM said the US and partner nations have carried out nine airstrikes in Syria and 15 in Iraq against the Islamic State since Nov. 21. Defense Secretary Hagel tendered his resignation, reportedly after pressure by the Obama administration. Officials questioned and released a suspect, said to be a Saudi college student, who triggered a four-hour lockdown at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio last night when he drove through a base entry gate without stopping. Secretary of State Kerry said talks on Iran's nuclear program have been extended for seven more months.

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Until July

Afghan Women Are Excluded From Peace Overtures to Taliban, Report Says

US troops to remain in Baltics, Poland next year