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The UK's terror law watchdog said police may be intervening earlier in "marginal" cases due to the upcoming Olympic Games. A woman arrested yesterday in an antiterror operation was released. A suspected al Qaeda member passed through the Olympics site five times in recent months.

Afghanistan aid: Donors pledge $16bn at Tokyo meeting

A woman from east London was arrested in an ongoing counterterrorism operation. An improvised explosive device was found in an impounded car involved in the operation. Two other suspects are believed to be brothers of a man awaiting trial in the UK on terror charges.

How Qatar is taking on the world

High alert before London Olympics: a warship on the Thames, arrests

30,000 illegal Pakistanis 'missing' in United Kingdom

Police arrested seven men linked to a vehicle impounded in South Yorkshire that contained "firearms, offensive weapons and other material." The men, six of whom are from the Birmingham area, are suspected of terrorism. They are believed to be British Pakistanis.

Antiterrorism police arrested six people, including three brothers from Stratford, the site of the Olympic Games. All six, including a woman and a British convert to Islam, are suspected of links to an al Qaeda plot to attack targets in Britain. Two Muslim men arrested last week on suspicion of terrorism were released.

Olympic experts sure they can repel cyber threats

British security officials on alert for Olympic terror threats

Labour lifts Lord Ahmed's suspension

London police arrest 2 terror suspects

'Terror link' pilot who flew 747s for BA can be identified for the first time

Counterterrorism police arrested two men in east London on suspicion of terrorist activity. The suspects, aged 18 and 32, are said to be British Muslim converts. One of the men, identified by an acquaintance as Jamal ud-Din, may be linked to an Islamist video that appeared on YouTube last year.

The head of M15, Britain's intelligence agency, said the Arab Spring has created a more permissive environment for al Qaeda in some countries. He said the threat of British jihadis returning to the UK from foreign terror training camps is a growing concern. The agency estimates that 100-200 British residents are engaged in terrorist activities in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa.

'Astonishing' Cyber Espionage Threat from Foreign Governments: British Spy Chief

Zareen Ahmadzai, an Afghan who entered the UK illegally after fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan for three years, convinced an immigration court to allow him to live in the UK. He claimed he was now wanted by the Taliban and ANSF, and the court said he "believed that he was advancing the cause of Islam" when he fought for the Taliban.

LulzSec's Ryan Cleary admits hacking into CIA and the Pentagon

Human traffickers in Pakistan stealing British sponsors' data

US enlists Britain's help to stop ship 'carrying Russian attack helicopters' to Syria