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Britain 'could help train Malian army', says minister

Britiain is sending two RAF C-17s to provide logistical support for the Malian Army in its attempt to stem the advance of Islamist fighters. No British soldiers will be deploying in a combat role to Mali. Prime Minister Cameron offered to support the French military effort in Mali after a French pilot was killed there.

Authorities arrested four men in a terrorism investigation linked to the kidnapping of two journalists in Syria by extremists last year. Three of the men were arrested at east London addresses; the fourth, a Portuguese, was detained at Gatwick airport.

UN wants to use drones for peacekeeping missions

In Old Taliban Strongholds, Qualms About What Lies Ahead

Whitehall is said to be increasingly concerned that Syrian chemical weapons may fall into the hands of extremists. A British team was sent to observe an exercise by US and Jordanian special forces on contingency plans to secure the weapons, but there are no plans at present to deploy British troops for the purpose.

An appeals court overturned the conviction of Ahmed Faraz, a Birmingham bookseller who was sentenced in 2011 to three years in prison for publishing and distributing extremist material. The court said the prosecution should not have relied on the fact that Faraz's texts were found in the homes of terrorists.

Pakistan condemns drone attacks in Waziristan

Nigeria Emerges as Center for Pirate Attacks

Publisher apologises for labelling Israel 'Occupied Palestine' in textbook

Abid Naseer, 26, who is wanted by the US on terror charges relating to an al Qaeda plot to bomb New York subways, was extradited to the US. Naseer, a Pakistani, was arrested in 2009 along with 11 other mostly Pakistani members of an al Qaeda cell that also planned attacks in Manchester and Norway. Terrorism suspect Ibrahim Magag, a Somali, has absconded.

Wealthy London residents clash with millionaire Arab boy racers

Pakistan to Lift YouTube Ban, as a Viral Video Star Is Welcomed Home

Senior Syrian official in US and co-operating with intelligence agencies

'Swedes did not commit crime against America'

The High Court declined to hear a Pakistani man's challenge to the lawfulness of alleged targeting assistance given by the UK to the CIA for the drone campaign in Pakistan. Characterizing the lawsuit as an attempt to elicit a public statement condemning the campaign, the court said that oversight of intelligence matters was the business of Parliament, not the courts.

Afghan Forces Not Ready for Post-2014 Threats: Afghan Foreign Minister

Abu Qatada runs up £500,000 legal aid bill to stay in UK

'Militants' threaten Pakistan church school for Malala support

European Leaders Push for End to Ban on Arming Syria Rebels