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British police named seven additional suspects in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing. All of them were said to be members of the Jamahiriya Security Organisation; two died in the Libyan revolution. The sole person convicted for the bombing, Abdil-Basit Al-Maghrahi, died in 2012 in Libya.

UK deploys toy-sized spy drones in Afghanistan

Top Afghan commander: If UK leaves Afghanistan, Taliban will return to launch global jihad

As NATO Prepares for Afghan Withdrawal, Uzbekistan Seeks War's Leftovers

Drone Strike Lawsuit Raises Concerns on Intelligence Sharing

Pakistan still global jihad hub

British cocaine users helping fund Islamic terror groups behind Algerian siege and Mali conflict

The Foreign Office warned British citizens to leave Somaliland after it received notice of a "specific threat" to Westerners there that may involve kidnapping. The Foreign Office issued a similar advisory last week about Benghazi, Libya, after learning of an al Qaeda plot to kidnap British and German citizens.

UK - Muslim Patrol: thugs abuse man in second 'vigilante' video

Germany Abroad: 'Mealy-Mouthed' Foreign Policy Angers Allies

Algeria Attack Shows Reach of Militants

How a pile of explosives I found in a Libyan field may have ended up in the hands of Algerian terrorists

British Fears for Pakistan Linked to Nuclear Weapons: Analyst

Nations fume, quietly, over Algerian hostage raid

US general says Britain risks 'special relationship' if it cuts military

French Mission in Mali Puts Germany in a Tight Spot

How the French got to airstrikes in Mali: A briefing from Bamako

A Dane tells of his life as a spy inside the al-Qaida network

Britain 'could help train Malian army', says minister

Britiain is sending two RAF C-17s to provide logistical support for the Malian Army in its attempt to stem the advance of Islamist fighters. No British soldiers will be deploying in a combat role to Mali. Prime Minister Cameron offered to support the French military effort in Mali after a French pilot was killed there.