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An appeals court upheld the seizure of the house of convicted terrorist Munir Farooqi, who had used the home to recruit fighters for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Farooqi also lost an appeal against his conviction, as did co-defendants Matthew Newton and Israr Malik. Farooqi had fought with the Taliban in Afghanistan and later turned his Manchester home into a terrorist propaganda center with over 50,000 pieces of extremist literature.

Secret MI6 plot to help Col Gaddafi escape Libya revealed

Kenya - Off-duty British soldier saved 100

Shabaab plot to attack London planned to be 'similar to ... Mumbai'

A document found after Somali troops killed Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, al Qaeda's former leader in East Africa and a senior Shabaab commander, details a plot to conduct multiple Mumbai-like attacks that target civilians in London.

Samantha Lewthwaite: The quiet Home Counties girl who now tops the list of terrorism suspects

Kenya : How 'white widow' Samantha Lewthwaite has escaped anti-terror police traps all along

Plenty of money for weapons in Syria, little for refugees

Moroccan terror suspect arrested in Ceuta

The Home Office said that 249 persons were arrested for terrorism-related offenses in 2012/13. Of the 249 arrested, 37 were charged with a terrorism-related offense, and so far 23 of the 37 have been convicted.

UK approved more chemical exports to Syria than previously revealed

Dismantling Weapons Poses Logistics, Security Challenges

Prime Minister Cameron said the UK would not intervene militarily in Syria, but promised that Britain would "lead the world" in delivering humanitarian aid where needed in Syria, Jordan, and Turkey. Politicians are demanding information about the alleged export to Syria in 2012 of chemicals used to make nerve gas; the government claims the exports did not take place after revocation of the export licenses due to Syrian sanctions.

Foreign Secretary Hague said the UK would offer only diplomatic support to its allies in any Syrian military intervention. A British colonel denied claims that UK troops abused, mutilated, or executed Iraqis after a fierce battle near Majar al-Kabir in southern Iraq in May 2004.

Obama asks Congress to approve military strike against Syria

Syria chemical weapons attack blamed on Assad, but where's the evidence?

Hagel: US discusses 'facts' on Syria with allies

US Is Prepared to Act in Syria Without Coalition

US Officials Press Case for Action in Syria

The House of Commons rejected the government's plan for an imminent military intervention in Syria, and also rejected a motion that endorsed military action in Syria if it was supported by evidence from UN weapons inspectors. Earlier today, the UK released an intelligence dossier to support the intervention plan. Prime Minister Cameron conceded there was no "smoking gun" proving the Syrian government's guilt for the Aug. 21 chemical attack, but said "we all have to reach a judgment about what happened and who is responsible." A court is considering a US extradition request for Minh Quang Pham, a Vietnam-born British national who allegedly is a member of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and worked with its senior leaders in Yemen.

Fears of Western strike on Syria spread in Mideast