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Police have arrested 19 suspected Shabaab members, said to be foreigners, who were planning imminent attacks in Kampala and other towns. The suspects were seized during raids over the past two days that also netted quantities of explosives. Although the operation is ongoing, authorities said the recent US Embassy warning of an imminent attack "has been effectively countered."

Security forces claimed to have foiled an imminent Shabaab terrorist attack on one of Uganda's installations, and to have made arrests in Kampala in the case. The US Embassy warned about the possibility of an attack and said security had been stepped up around sites such as Entebbe airport. The Internal Affairs Ministry also noted the arrest of 69 illegal immigrants in Kampala. Police have been investigating the OIC-funded Islamic University in Uganda over allegations that it was being used by extremists groups such as the Shabaab-linked ADF as a base for recruitment.

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Just days after the US Embassy warned of a "specific" terror threat to Entebbe Airport, gunmen allegedly from a local militia attacked three police stations and a military barracks in western Uganda near the Congo border, killing over 60 people, including several policemen as well as some 40 civilians. Security forces claimed to have killed at least 41 attackers and arrested 40 more. A military spokesman said the attackers were not affiliated with the Islamist rebel group ADF-NALU. Security forces had deployed heavily in Kampala due to the threatened attack on the airport.

The US Embassy warned of a "specific" terrorist threat to Entebbe Airport. Security has been heightened in the city, and police said that terrorists had already conducted trial runs of the attack. Shabaab suicide bombers killed 70 people in a 2010 attack in Kampala during the World Cup, and the group has threatened to attack again.

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The US Embassy warned of possible terrorist attacks in Kampala in May or June. Targets of the "specific threat" include places of worship, and particularly those attended by foreigners.

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Police issued a terror alert for Kampala regarding an imminent attack. This is the third such alert since September.

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The police force issued a red alert and recalled all its officers from leave after warnings that Shabaab is seeking to execute a Westgate-type attack in Uganda. A police spokesman said that "[o]ur intelligence and that of the Americans show an imminent terror attack is likely."

Ugandan authorities beefed up security after receiving warnings that Shabaab may try to execute a Westgate Mall-type attack in Kampala. The US Embassy in Kampala issued a warning on Oct. 15 about the plot. Ugandan police warned on Oct. 2 that wanted Shabaab terrorist Andreas Martin Mueller a.k.a. Ahmed Khaled traveled to Kampala from Limulu, Kenya on Oct. 1. Authorities had looked for Mueller, who is of German origin, when he entered the country in January 2012 along with another Shabaab operative, Emrah Erdogan a.k.a. Imraan Al-Kurdy a.k.a. Salahaddin Al-Kurdy; the two men went to Tanzania, where Erdogan was arrested.

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