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Top US commander in Afghanistan: ISIS recruiting in Afghanistan, Pakistan

From resupply to evacs, Afghan air support assumes growing role

Libya's ISIS branch claims execution of 2 Tunisian journalists

Remnants of Bagram Airfield

US troops training Iraqi military at bases in Anbar, Taji

US Drone Fleet at 'Breaking Point,' Air Force Says

US advisers in Iraq stay out of combat but see fighting edging closer

US military confirms Shabaab's intel chief killed in airstrike

Somali government reports Shabaab's intel chief killed in US airstrike

Somalia's National Security Agency said that the US killed the leader of the Amniyat. The US military later confirmed the report.

US airstrikes remain crucial to Afghan forces in Taliban battles

In Battle to Defang ISIS, US Targets Its Psychology

No Way Out for Iraqis Who Helped US in War

ISAF Air Support Helpful in Dangam Operations: Afghan Ministry of Defense

Taliban Push Into Afghan Districts That US Had Secured

Inside Iraqi air base as Islamic State closes in

Taliban mount assault on Kunar border district, Afghan officials say

Operation Enduring Freedom: A look back in photos

Attacking ISIS, From an American Aircraft Carrier

Day of insurgent violence kills 19 in Afghanistan

A Force to Fight ISIS Has Manpower, but Little Firepower