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Last Line Of Defense Against The Taliban

Turkmenistan: The Achilles Heel Of Central Asian Security

Turkmenistan Keeps Lid On All Things Islam

Afghanistan - TAPI pipeline to spur regional uplift: US

After The Afghan Pullout, The Dangers For Central Asia

After The Afghan Pullout, The Dangers For Central Asia

Afghanistan, Macedonia Big Movers In Press-Freedom Index

Iran boosts electricity export in western Afghanistan

Inside Jabhat al Nusra - the most extreme wing of Syria's struggle

Un-American Activities in Turkmenistan

Safe passage for Afghan Taliban considered

Turkmenistan Will Deliver Gas to Afghanistan for 30 Years

China bank pulls out of Pakistan-Iran pipeline project

US General Says Closure Of Pakistan Supply Routes Complicates Afghan Pullout

Britain begins preparations for Afghanistan withdrawal

Afghanistan Wants to Become Main Transit Route in Central Asia

Trans-Afghan gas pipeline, the dream that won't die

The government freed over 3,700 prisoners, including 30 foreigners, in a Ramadan gesture that was first practiced by the predecessor administration.

Turkmenistan detains bloggers who reported on arms cache blast

US Promotes New Plan To Battle Drug Trade In Afghanistan, Central Asia, Russia