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ISAF targets al Qaeda-linked leader in southeastern Afghanistan

Special operations forces conducted an airstrike against an "al Qaeda-associated insurgent leader" in the Gelan district in Ghazni province.

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan threaten Myanmar over Rohingya

In Pakistan, stalled military operation means refugees can't go home

Afghanistan - Wardak Security Transition was Irresponsible: Governor

Afghanistan - ICRC Warning of Worsening Security Dismissed by Government

Taliban's Grip Broken in Southern Afghanistan: Officials

Pakistan - Non-starter: Panel to oversee peace talks with Taliban dismantled

'New generation' of tech-savvy Taliban fighters

Pakistan: Let us hit drone targets

Special operations forces target al Qaeda-linked leader in Nuristan

Kanjar, an insurgent leader affiliated with both the Taliban and al Qaeda, was killed during a raid in the Waygal district.

Afghanistan - Taliban Threaten Panjwai Residents for Turning to Government

Afghans embrace social media as NATO pullout nears

Afghan NDS Detains 241 Suicide Bombers in Two Years: Taheri

ISAF kills IMU leader in Afghan north

Special operations forces killed Khadim, an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader and explosives expert who recruited and trained fighters for suicide attacks, during yesterday's raid in Kunduz.

Haqqani Network doctors LWJ page for propaganda on FOB Salerno attack

Afghan President Karzai Asks for German Help with Taliban Talks

Taliban release video of Haqqani Network suicide assault on FOB Salerno

Haqqani-suicide-bomber-Salerno-06012012.jpgThe video, released on Voice of Jihad, shows the suicide bombing at the outer wall, and Haqqani Network fighters entering the base.

Lack of Intelligence Allows Taliban Infiltration of Afghan Forces

Afghan Forces Not Able to Secure the Country: Analyst

Rockets Fired From Pakistan Pound Afghan Villages