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Pakistan to consider releasing former Taliban No.2

Pakistan to restore NATO's Afghan oil supply line after 12-month hiatus

David Petraeus: gleeful Taliban ponder correct way to execute adulterer

Afghan Taliban commander gunned down in Quetta

Afghans Test Lead Role in Tough Spot

ISAF data show insurgent attacks, civilian casualties increased in September

Data released by ISAF show that the number of insurgent attacks increased slightly in September 2012, as compared to September 2011. And the number of civilian casualties has increased dramatically.

Pakistan - Most of Taliban income comes from illicit drug trade: Malik

Anti-Taliban militia stands guard in Pakistan's Swat Valley

Afghan Warlord Ismail Khan's Call to Arms Rattles Kabul

UN Sanctions Unlikely To End Haqqani Safe Haven In Pakistan

Pakistan - Many KP schools shut as teachers unavailable

Afghan reconciliation: Kabul's top negotiator seeks release of Taliban prisoners

Pakistan urges all Afghan insurgents to pursue peace: Ambassador

Nephew of Baitullah Mehsud killed in Bannu shootout

ISAF captures another IMU weapons facilitator in Kunduz

Afghan soldier kills ISAF trooper in Helmand

An ISAF soldier was also wounded in the insider, or green-on-blue, attack. There have been 42 such attacks this year, resulting in the deaths of 60 ISAF personnel.

Soldier's insider attack story is part of training

For Afghan troops, donkeys are the new helicopters

No breakthrough in Taliban talks expected before 2014: Afghanistan

Pakistan terror toll fails to stir offensive