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Taliban Defend New Perch in Northern Pakistan, Gaining Sway as Election Nears

ISAF kills, captures 2 IMU facilitators in Takhar

Afghan attacks raise fears over Taliban strength

Leaving Corruptistan: Washington Favors Exit over Fight with Karzai

Afghanistan calls Pak-Afghan strategic pact 'meaningless'

Origins of CIA's Not-So-Secret Drone War in Pakistan

South Waziristan: Taliban set guidelines for contestants

Taliban suicide bomber kills 5 ISAF personnel in southeastern Afghanistan

Three ISAF soldiers and two civilians who worked at the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Qalat were killed in the suicide attack in the provincial capital of Zabul.

Pakistan election: Taliban threats hamper secular campaign

Quetta council in Pakistan blamed for deadly attack in Farah

The anatomy of green-on-blue tensions in Panjwai

An examination of the factors that lead to insider attacks and tensions in the volatile district and across Afghanistan.

Karachi talibanisation: Four dead in blast outside Rangers complex

Taliban suicide assault team strikes courtroom in western Afghanistan

Ten policemen and 34 Afghan civilians are reported to have been killed as the Taliban attempted to free prisoners being transported to a court for trial in Farah City.

Kabul city to witness increased attacks this year: officials

Taliban attack on power grid station in Peshawar kills 8

Taliban in Karachi: the real story

Afghans Failing Security Test In Badakhshan

Karzai Orders Jailed Mullahs to be Investigated

Khyber Agency: LI threatens Bara tribesmen not to shelter Tirah IDPs

Karzai Softens on Taliban Ahead of Doha Office Opening